Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current job (again) and ready to move on to the next?

Think about the smartphone you are using – if you’ve been using the same phone for 2 years (probably months before that), it’d be running slower and slower and the battery is not performing at its peak.

As humans, we are constantly growing and evolving, nowadays at an even higher speed.

In my own career journey, as well as research findings on millennials’ job hopping, we really do have a 2-year-itch thing: If we are in the same roles for 2 years and a promotion or an expansion of work exposures is not in the sight, we are off to find new opportunities elsewhere! Because what worked for us 2 years ago won’t be challenging and satisfying enough for us to grow further.

That’s wonderful! Because otherwise our lives would be like a cassette tape on repeat for 60 years! How colourless would life be?

And if this is you, you might be currently experiencing some internal struggles like this:

  • You fear that someone might say you are “too jumpy” which doesn’t make a good resume.
  • You might feel indebted to the opportunities given to you at work, and don’t want to give up the network of trust you’ve cultivated in this workplace.
  • There is also a part of you who want to stay safe, because working here feels familiar: working with the same people, handling similar problems at work, and given the hardwork you’ve paid in the previous months, it’s taking you less effort than when you were just started.

But your heart is screaming, ‘I want more!’

  • The part of you who has been settling to comply, trying to fit in, and pretending to be normal (hi weirdos!);
  • The creativity that doesn’t have a channel to be expressed;
  • The higher mission you are envisioning in the world that might not make profits and thus not a priority in the eyes of the shareholders;
  • The passions and strengths of yours that are not fully leveraged at your current role;
  • And the future potentials and opportunities that are SO CLEAR to you that you consider valuable in the market in a few years time, but your conservative company culture are not ready to embrace it yet.

The question is, ‘Now, What’s Next?’

Don’t jump the queue and trying to brainstorm for career options at this stage. It won’t be very fruitful anyway.

Let’s first go to the root of the DEEPEST WHYS of your career: What sets your soul on fire at work? How do you love to leverage your passions and strengths? What workstyle fits you the best?

Get crystal clear on them, and then explore and develop options from the roots >>> THAT is target-oriented problem solving my friend.

Here are 5 questions you can ask yourself every 6 months as your career self-appraisal:

Question 1: What future would you love to build, and be part of, in order to make the world a better place?

Our life’s work is more that just what pays the bills. When we work together with like-minded people towards a mission we believe in that is bigger than us, we thrive.

From another angle, what pains you so much, and make you so angry about that you wish to BE the change in the world? You know, complaining is not very productive anyway.

Question 2: When are you at your best?

When do you get into the flow state when time feels non-existed? Where is it, what are you doing, in what context, and with whom? Find out all the factors that put you in your best state while working!

Question 3: What kind of problems are you naturally drawn to solving?

What are the problems that people keep coming back to you and ask you about? Things that feel like a piece of cake for you but tremendously difficult for others?

And what are your favourite gifts and talents that you love to use and leverage with while achieving your goals? Not all skills are created equal; only those strengths that you LIKE and are GOOD AT at the same time counts.

Question 4: What feels like “If not now, when?” for you?

We want to achieve SO MANY things at a time but given we only have 24 hours a day, a priority is required so we can channel our laser-focus on what is in front of us, one thing at a time.

Which goal has that pressing urgency for you?

Question 5: How far are you willing to go in order to make that happen?

What ‘sacrifice’ in terms of effort, time, sweat, time, ego, comfort, big fat paycheck etc are you willing and ready to pay so you can fulfill your heart’s desire to make that dream no longer a daydream?

Give each question at least one full page to journal on, fill it all up, and surprise yourself on how deep you can go! Maybe you could have written half of a book with these 5 questions alone🤗


Now is there an easier path?

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