Uncover Your Hidden Gifts – Forest Journey Visualisation

Remembering The Unique Gifts That You Already Have

What if you already knew…
your deepest heartfelt desires,
your unique gifts that are yearning to be expressed,
and the wisdom to activate them within you?

Stop searching outside…
and come back to your heart…
which holds the keys that you’ve been searching for!

Up for a treasure hunt?

guided visualisation

Set aside 10 minutes, get quiet, and begin this guided forest journey!

Start My Guided Forest Journey


1. Relax, find a comfortable place with no distractions, and enjoy the forest
journeying with the Uncover Your Truth Meditation MP3 above.

2. When you come back, take notes of all the details, and then fill in this
to jot down all clues that you’ve gathered, and use free association for what each element represents (don’t overthink!)
(Please “make a copy” of this file and save it to your local
drive before you edit it)

3. Contemplate with what you’ve discovered, and connect the dots of how the insights
relate to your current life. If you need further help, feel free to
send me a message at hi@ponnylam.com to discuss further.