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10 Lessons I’ve Learned from 10 Years in Career Coaching

2023 marks the 10th year since I started career coaching! Back in 2012, I was awakened to the fact that I had no further interest in climbing the corporate ladder after my early roles in international HR and talent development.... Read More

AI is the Collective Consciousness?!

AI is JUST a product of our 🔮Collective Consciousness🔮 How do you feel when the “collective consciousness” is no longer something esoteric as a spiritual or philosophical term, but something you can SEE & INTERACT with? Whether it’s ChatGPT or... Read More

Rediscovering Purposeful Work as a Parent

Purposeful Work as a Parent – Is It Even Possible?! Becoming a mom is a life-transforming experience; For those who chose this path of parenthood, it’s a watershed of a woman’s life – and her path to maturity and personal... Read More

Who Are “Non-Essential”? Who Decides?

There was a time when my workplace was in the basement of a hotel. With no windows and no access to the sky view, every morning I sneaked in through a backstreet staff entrance, walked down the humid corridor with... Read More

Window Shopping For Your Next Career

Feeling stuck in a job yet not sure what else is possible? Actively start your job hunting like a game! I see browsing through career sites as Window Shopping and getting to job interviews like trying on a dress in... Read More

January 2019: Plan That Works!

Researches show consistently that 15th January is usually the time when most people give up on their new year resolutions. Because? It’s the same LIST carried forward every year anyway!!! Get up 1 hour earlier to workout and go to bed... Read More

New Year Resolution – Freedom To Be Yourself

What is your theme for the new year? Mine is “To Lead”. For the last 2 years, my theme was Freedom. The freedom to use my time according to my wish, to choose work I love and that allows me... Read More

How To Gain Clarity and Get Unstuck In Your Career (PDF)

Clarity is becoming a buzzword nowadays; To me, it means being able seeing things exactly as they are in essence. When the water in a pond is clear, you can see the stones (maybe jewels) underneath. When the water is... Read More

Are you a Multipotentialite or a Renaissance Soul?

Multipotentialite Renaissance Soul? Or in other words, do you have many interests and creative pursuits and do not want to be pinned down to one job? Maybe you are not having ADHD in your career choices; rather, you just would... Read More

Do You Have Pre-Birthday Depression Too?

The “Pre-Birthday Depression” Syndromes My birthday is in August. So every year during summer when I officially get one year older, I would have a sudden surge of panic to make a checklist, and measure my life and see if... Read More