AI is JUST a product of our
🔮Collective Consciousness🔮

How do you feel when the “collective consciousness” is no longer something esoteric as a spiritual or philosophical term, but something you can SEE & INTERACT with?

Whether it’s ChatGPT or MidJourney or the latest tools that are emerging, these tools synthesize what people 💬have already put online 🗨 since the beginning of the internet.

It’s a natural extension of human intelligence.

So the shadow/hidden side of this “collective consciousness”? What we DIDN’T PUT ONLINE.

Therefore if we are to train AIs to be as integrated as it should be, like how we groom a kid to grow into a decent adult, then

👉Quiet ones,

People with deep thoughts & visions for the world,

People who hold strong virtues and values,

Wisdom keepers and Wayshowers,


Because we just can’t let the loudest become the dominant voice continuously.

Your voice matters.

Your stories matter.

Your vulnerability & authenticity that makes us human is exactly what is precise, and will continue to be a treasure as AI is becoming more immersive into our daily living.

Humans will crave for SOUL FOOD because there is a hunger for emotional connection in this world where it’s getting harder to know what is REAL vs what is AI.

Worrying about AI taking over your jobs?

No need to worry, because mostly jobs you hate i.e. monotonous boring inhumane soul-sucking jobs WILL DEFINITELY BE REPLACED 🤷‍♀️
Um..what a blessing in disguise would that be if that happen?!

Let’s liberate the 90% of the brain that are still unused at the moment 🧠

It’s time to get unlocked. 🔓

The Universe has our back. 🔥

The 🔑 keys are already within, waiting for us to locate where they are!