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Who Are “Non-Essential”? Who Decides?

There was a time when my workplace was in the basement of a hotel. With no windows and no access to the sky view, every morning I sneaked in through a backstreet staff entrance, walked down the humid corridor with... Read More

Planet Earth Is Shutting Down – How To Prepare for Stormy Time Like Now

Planet Earth Is Shutting Down to Recover   How are you? I hope the coronavirus and its impact hasn’t brought too much panic to your life just yet. Something for sure though, what is happening in the world reminds us... Read More

Introverts: Your Holiday Survival Toolbox

Introverts’ Holiday Survival Toolbox   Holiday Seasons are supposed to be joyful and fun-loving! For some, it could be stressful and nostalgic as well. For introverts, in particular, we could feel the pressure to socialised and are generally expected to... Read More

4 Steps To Get Unstuck And Move On

steps to get unstuck and move on I was watching the MasterChef finals on a Sunday; The 4 finalists, who have grown so much after going through levels of challenges, harsh feedbacks, mistakes and fierce competitions among peers, continued their... Read More

Why Self-Respect Is The Root of Personal Power

Why Self-Respect Is The Root of Personal Power Jun 19: Self-Respect Monthly Career Freedom Guide Is one of your weaknesses being TOO NICE? Like, you are always the first person to give an apology, regardless of whether it’s your fault,... Read More

Self-Worth: Knowing Your Worth and Stop Giving People Discounts

May 19: Self-Worth Monthly Career Freedom Guide A lot of changes are happening, momentum is building, but the new future might not seem to be right next door >>> Do you feel the same? A lot of people in my... Read More

April 2019: Feel Motivated And Take Inspired Actions

Feel Motivated And Take Inspired Actions Career Monthly Freedom Guide Can you smell the Spring in the air? The vitality, forward-moving momentum and action-taking vibe that you can literally feel from those around you. So this month, I’d love to start the... Read More

March 2019: Embrace Your Shyness & Quirkiness

So What is Shyness anyway? It’s an awkwardness you have when you are around other people. It’s NOT the same as introversion; You can be extrovert, introvert or ambivert, and be shy at the same time. The pre-requisite for shyness to happen,... Read More

Feb 2019: Honouring Yourself

Welcome to our Monthly Freedom Guide 🙂 Happy Lunar New Year! wishing you all a joyful, fulfilling and exciting year of the Pig in life and in your career! Whenever we are entering a new beginning, we bring our hopes,... Read More

January 2019: Plan That Works!

Researches show consistently that 15th January is usually the time when most people give up on their new year resolutions. Because? It’s the same LIST carried forward every year anyway!!! Get up 1 hour earlier to workout and go to bed... Read More