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Self-Love Reset: Invitation

Self Love In Embodiment – How Does It Look Like? In need of a Self-Love Reset? Imagine the version of you who have so much self-love that every time you come across a mirror, you can’t help smiling and appreciating... Read More

Human Design Authority: What type of leader are you?

Human Design Authority: What type of leader are you? A few months ago, I watched a Japanese anime series called Cells At Work, which is an educational and entertaining series of stories that humanise cells in the body, and portray how... Read More

Do You Want To Become A Healer?

  Recently I keep getting feedback from clients who told me they would love to pursue a “spiritual” or “healing” career to raise the positive vibes for humanity. Of course this is great news that more and more conscious people... Read More

How To Really Follow Your Gut in Human Design?

Follow your gut human design “Follow Your Gut.” In Human Design, that’s the “mantra” for Generators and MGs when it comes to decision making, and responding to act at the right timing. Is your gut telling you: Hell Yes! or... Read More

Who Are “Non-Essential”? Who Decides?

There was a time when my workplace was in the basement of a hotel. With no windows and no access to the sky view, every morning I sneaked in through a backstreet staff entrance, walked down the humid corridor with... Read More

Planet Earth Is Shutting Down – How To Prepare for Stormy Time Like Now

Planet Earth Is Shutting Down to Recover   How are you? I hope the coronavirus and its impact hasn’t brought too much panic to your life just yet. Something for sure though, what is happening in the world reminds us... Read More

Real Peace vs Fake Peace: Calmness Amidst The Storm

Real Peace vs Fake Peace   When you are immersing yourself in a serene lake, a blissful mountain top, a church or temple, a breathtaking retreat place, or engaging in a mindfulness activity like art, handicraft and sports, it is... Read More

Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will and Productivity

Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will = Not Getting Things Done? Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will & Relation to Productivity   In Human Design, one of the most powerful motors is the Will/Heart center. It governs our willpower, our... Read More