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Wonderful! So What Are You Ready For?

I'm Ready To Connect with the Deepest, Highest, Most Authentic Version of Me!

I'm Ready To Grow My Heart-Centered Business According To My Design!

I'm Ready To Rise from the Ashes & Create a Brand New Book of My Life!

-All Prices In US Dollars-

Your Quantum Human Design™ Chart Decode

Your Natal Chart Reading in Video / Plus 1:1 Live Q&A

Quantum Human Design™ is a fascinating tool to
go DEEP into self-understanding so you can connect the dots of:

WHAT makes you YOU,
WHY you are who you are,
HOW you can be best operated, and
WHAT Soul & Life Purpose you are here to serve in this lifetime.

You’ll get a video recording of me interpreting your chart in depth, plus a pdf report, and a 30-min Q&A call  where we’ll unravel what exactly is holding you back.

Business Alchemy with Quantum Human Design

4 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions / Grow Your Mission!

Your Mission is Bigger than you!

However, starting and growing your soulful business can become overwhelming when you are trying to follow other people’s cookie-cutter strategies.

You’ll need a key, YOUR OWN KEY to unlock all the gifts you have, so that the bigger purpose in you can be expressed THROUGH you.

Quantum Human Design is that KEY for you to understand:

WHAT makes you YOU

HOW you work best in your business

HOW to market and express yourself

WHO are you tribes

WHAT are your best offers that fulfill their needs

WHERE to show up, and

WHY you are who you are, and the PURPOSE you are here to serve in this lifetime.


Each container consists of 4 x Business Alchemy Sessions where I’ll:

Support you in focusing what truly matters in your business,
Guide you in creating the core pillars of your business structure,
Hold you in a safe space to overcome imposter syndromes and discomfort of growth,
and Empower you to step into your full power & expand your reach YOUR WAY.

BONUS: Chinese Astrology Annual Forecast + Date Selections for Important Launches!

(Longer container are available too! – DM for details)

Quantum Leap: 3-Month 1:1 Accelerator

Rise From Ashes / 12-Week Container of Intimate Support

  • A Personalised Curriculum in bridging where you are now and your desired state of Personal Power

  • 6 x 1:1 Workshops (2 hours each) where we dive DEEP to uncover the GOLD within you, and CLEAR major manifesting blocks

  • 1 x Diagnosis Call when we begin & 1 x Strategic Coaching Session as we conclude to help you embody all your learnings into everyday practices

  • Reconnecting Your Inner GPS & Intuitions

  • Quantum Leaping Into the Best Expression of You

  • Finding Your Voice

  • Reclaiming Your Confidence, Power & Feminine Leadership

  • Unlimited Support through Messenger or Email (Responding within 24 hours)

  • 1 x Emergency Call to get you through an urgent personal matter

  • BONUS: Money Reiki Healing throughout the entire 12 weeks!

Ponny's Approach


Known for my holistic, practical and soulful approach, my forte is to help you activate QUICK breakthroughs with my unique blend of grounded strategies, empathetic guidance, body-mind-emotion alignment and gentle-and-firm style of leadership.

I vibe the most with empathetic, creative and courageous souls who are seeking Growth, Soul Alignment and Sovereignty through your work. Together, we’ll break down the hair-pulling struggle of career transitions into digestible action steps, while I’ll lovingly challenge you to rise to your full power in the process.

You already know what you want in life – and have what it takes to get it! Our journey is just about uncovering all the gems you have, removing the dirt that is distracting your vision, and adding fuel to your tank so you can build a career you love with confidence!

Languages: English, Cantonese

Some of My “Badges”:

  • Certified Level 4 Quantum Human Design™ Specialist trained directly under Dr. Karen Curry Parker; Also completed Human Design Consultant Training L1-3 with Chetan and Carola Parkyn.
  • 15 years+ as a Career Advisor, Recruiter, International Human Resources Specialist across industries
  • Career Educator and have created e-courses that reach 100K+ students from 122 countries
  • Published Author, “First Job Bible: Strategies and Answers to Top Job Interview Questions
  • Certified Practitioner of Trauma of Money™ Method, giving me the capacity to facilitate trauma-informed coaching conversations
  • Certified NLP Coach (American Board of NLP)
  • Certified Practitioner of Positive Psychology Coaching (Wholebeing Institute)

Integrative Wellness:

Supplementary Modalities that I might use in our coaching sessions –

  • Certified Breath Coach & Science of Stretching™ Coach (YOGABODY Teachers College®)
  • HeartMath™ Certified Practitioner (TBC, HeartMath Institute)
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner (Serina Mak)
  • Money Reiki Level III (Julie Whitelight) & Usui Reiki Level III Practitioner (Lisa Powers)
  • EFT for Breakthrough Coaching (Margaret Lynch Raniere)
  • Art in Assessment – Certified Practitioner of Projective Drawing (Earnest Lee)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Nutritional Wellness Certification 中醫食療養生師 & TCM Self-Healing by Body Constitution Certification 古中醫體質自療師(初級)

Love From Clients

Is Coaching Right For You?

I only work with courageous souls who are ready to taking ownership of your future.

So if you are:

>> Ready to STOP thinking about what you’d rather be doing, and START taking massive actions on making it a reality

>> Ready to face your fears that are getting in the way to achieve what you truly deserve

>> Someone with big dreams for yourself AND this world, who is ready to take full responsibility for your life

>> Passionate about personal growth and eager to learn everything about reaching your full potentials

>> Someone who can envision yourself wildly successful because you KNOW it’s your purpose to succeed with your calling

Let’s work together and kick off your transformation journey!

The external world is a reflection of our internal world; So if you want your world (and THE world) to change, you’ll first do the work within.

Still Standing At The Doorstep?

If you feel like you can’t decide now, consider this:

Not making a decision now IS a decision in itself.


Let’s do the math:

How much cost have you already been paying while you stay stuck? 

Think in terms of your time, money, energy, physical and emotional well-being, freedom, self-worth, intimate relationship, potential income and overall happiness. 

What are the total costs of the medical bills, counselling fees, the extra weight you’ve put on through stress-eating, and “shopping therapy” to relieve your work stress?

What about the sum of UNREALISED pay raise and income growth that you could have got but haven’t?

How about the opportunity cost of the TIME OF YOUR LIFE staying stuck in this miserable job situation, plus the time you’ve wasted on complaining while in this analysis-paralysis?

As well as the spillover tension to your relationships with loved ones because you feel miserable most of the time?

The Bottom Line Is, Why Struggle Alone When You Can Get Support And
Do It 10x Faster And Easier?

So I'll See You On The Other Side!

Still Have Questions? Let’s Chat via!

P.S.  Not ready to invest in 1:1 help for your career and happiness at this point? Start with this self-study resource.