Praises From Clients


After the HD reading with Ponny, I realised many things she mentioned are already what I’ve been doing; so I felt I’m on the right path! Conserving my energy, focus on doing what makes me happy, personal branding, and I’m inspired by the last note she gave me, it was inspiring. Thank you Ponny!

Ponny brings a unique and valuable perspective through a highly-refined approach. I had a consultation with her at a time when I was at a crossroad and unsure of what direction to take in my career. Ponny’s background in Human Resources means that her approach mixes a firm understanding of business issues with a great aptitude to detect individual development paths. I can’t stress enough how relevant her analysis and advice were in getting through the bottom of my issues and providing me with options to solve them in a constructive manner.

I bought a Human Design reading from Ponny to understand more of who I am supposed to be and do here on Earth. It was much more interesting than I thought. I was amazed about how much I could recognize myself, about the details and about the clarity I got. I feel an inner peace now.

I was so amazed about the information I received that I ordered one for my daughter too. She had big difficulties to choose the right University. Even though she usually thinks that I am a little bit crazy, she appreciated Ponny’s reading very much and became very clear about what education to choose. Now I am having business coaching with Ponny for the business path that is meant for me! Feels great to get help to apply the new knowledge about myself! Thank you, Ponny!

My human design reading with Ponny was a delight and provided some deep insight I know I can really benefit from. The reading was a very well structured (so appreciated given the complexity of the system!) overview of my chart with plenty of hands-on tips and strategies I could implement in various areas of life. I’m really grateful for the experience. And Ponny herself is such a lovely being, radiating good vibes and conveying all the information in a truly engaging manner. Highly recommended!

Human Design Reading - Testimonial

My human design reading with Ponny was just mind-blowing. Her ability to provide a deeply insightful interpretation of my chart combined with explaining a complex system in terms that a newbie can understand was outstanding. On top of that Ponny has a very engaging manner and is a delight to work with! I'm incredibly grateful for the in-depth information I received from the reading and how accurately it has explained to me and my life path and also pointed to the growth areas. I highly recommend this process with Ponny!

I was searching and waiting for somebody to help me put together the puzzle of my being. Tried different programs but I didn’t find any results until I met Ponny, first session with her I gained more confidence towards myself, released suppress emotions kept for decades, learned to forgive myself and others(not easy though), better relationships, focus, increase energy, happier, alignment of my being and was able to close a sale independently with ease for the first time.

It's so amazing I’m experiencing lots of shifting for just 5 days in the program I can’t wait for more improvement in myself. I will be posting after I finished my program here, more power to you Ponny. You are such an amazing, helpful and heart of gold human being I ever meet more power to you!!! Highly recommended !!!

Ponny is truly gifted in what she does - she led (and still leading) me through all the challenges through my career transformation from a former banker, to teaching finance, to start my own education business(What a ride!). She really knows how to empower people in making wise decisions that feel right. When I first started this transition on my own, it was really frustrating; things didn't work out, I had to face many rejections, and sadly no one understood me - not even my family and my partner. I'm very thankful to have found Ponny's work when I was about to give up and thought about going back to my dead-end job! Lucky I didn't!!! Who can predict that things would turn out to be so beautiful in my life? Thank you Ponny xo
When I first started working with Ponny, all I want was just about switching my profession to follow my childhood passion. I didn't expect that the inner work and mindset to be that important in the process - and they totally transformed how I see myself, my self-worth, my confidence level, and refreshed my perspective in other areas in life! Ponny is an excellent teacher and she is always warm, empowering, and full of wisdom; Every time I chat with her, she never ceases to amaze me with her depth of insights! Highly recommend her to those who need both grounded strategies and spiritual alignment in their transformation.
Before working with Ponny I was completely lost on how to deal with multiple career situations in my life. I was unable to see any positivity in my situations. Ponny really brought clarity and light to what I needed. She showed me how to own my personal power and use it to get what I deserved. She showed and explained to me how to hold my own confidence. Ponny has truly changed my life. She has been patient, understanding and devoted to my success. She has changed my life for the better! I am forever grateful for working her and all the guidance she has gifted me. I would recommend anyone to work with Ponny, a true game changer. Her energy is wonderful, positive and bright!

Ponny is a total game-changer!!! She is the wisest and the most compassionate and resourceful women I've ever met and I'm really grateful to have met her in my darkest moment in life. Her work is brilliant and I got a new job offer with a 20% pay raise within 6 weeks! And since then I'm her most dedicated coaching client! I now own my music education centre and honestly, I might not make it happen without her genuine and generous support!!! I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for a career that makes you happy and can pay your bills!