Quantum Leap Accelerator – Reclaim Your Personal Power!

Be Unapologetically You,
And Remember Who You Truly Are!

Yes! I Want This!

Have You Ever Wondered:
Why is it so hard to be a WOMAN?

You are either too young, or too old.

Too brainy & smart, or too dumb to “make men want you”

Too big here, or too small there as body parts.

Too bossy, or too timid.

Too loud, or too shy.

You can either be a career & business woman, or a mom.
Or worse, a burnout zombie who don’t do well in ANY of these areas.

And the most absurd one: Too masculine, or too feminine as a woman. (What the Hell?!)


When can we be just ENOUGH, by just BEING who we are???!!!


You deserve to live true to your heart unapologetically!

You have so much more to give…and your voice matters!

There is so much wisdom…so much power within you waiting to be shared!


and when you FINALLY feel ready to own all your unique gifts & geniuses

to stand in truth, to lead with grace,

to be unshakeably faithful of your innate Queendom

regardless of your temporary situations


that will illuminate the path for others!

How beautiful is this, sister?


That’s why the world needs more COURAGEOUS, SOUL-LED WOMEN LIKE US

to be way-showers, truth-tellers, activists, teachers and guides

so we can be the living, breathing examples for our sisters, daughters, and granddaughters,

and together, we say NO to “the society tell us what should make us happy” ways,

and embody a fulfilling, joyful, liberated, abundant life Our Waysssss.


Are you ready to remember who you really are,
and receive more of you?

Ponny Headshot Nov 2023_Casual

Hi! I’m Ponny,

and I’ve been where you are…several times.

Feeling trapped, pinned down, stuck in loops of mundane, frustrated,
floating in the air, numb, losing the zest for life.

On the outside, everything seems FINE – I SHOULD FEEL happy.

I did my best to fulfill the expectations of what a “good woman” should be like. 

But inside, I feel MEH…

I forget how JOY feels like in adult life…

My heart knows…I’m ready for SO MUCH MORE!

At the same time, it also feels “selfish” to want to expand
and grow even more – Can you relate?!

I Asked Myself, “What if…There’s a Better Way?”

So I spent the last decade experimenting and learning everything from sociology, psychology, science, nervous system, TCM & alternative healing, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, anatomy, trauma healing, biohacking, image styling, business & marketing, art & design etc etc to reclaim my personal power, body image, emotional & physical health, confidence to speak up & show up, self-worth, inner child, creativity & intuition, and release cultural & ancestral conditionings, wounds and limiting beliefs around money and business growth, manifestation, and relationships.

In short, to heal my Relationship with Myself.


Through many trials and errors, interesting life experiments, emotional roller coasters, 45K investment in personal growth programs, and 3,000 hours+ of coaching convos with women, I’ve figured out the answers to:

Q: When can I feel I am Enough. Just by being, not by doing?

A: When You Can BE the Embodiment of the Highest Possible Version of YOU.


And I’m happy to save you some time so that you don’t need to take 10 years to figure this out!!!

Now that I’m confident to say, activating quick breakthroughs is my forte!

More importantly, this is a REPEATABLE PROCESS that you can come back to again in your next evolution!

With my unique blend of cross-disciplinary approach to personal growth, a richness in modalities that I practice, a focus on mind-body-soul alignment and practicality, plus my calm and warm encouragement style,



Quantum Leap Accelerator

quantum leap confident women

Picture Yourself Living Your Fullest Expression Where You Can...

  • Confidently take up space to be seen and heard, saying THANK YOUs more than SORRYs;
  • Expect to be respected and treated with grace wherever you go;
  • Maintain healthy boundaries with your loved ones and other people in your life;
  • Feel grounded, calm, present and in flow throughout the day;
  • Calmly tell your inner critic to take a side seat when she is getting too active repeating the same-old same-old;
  • Take bold decisions and actions after consulting your Heart + Mind + Body to ensure there is an ALIGNMENT; 
  • Feel guided by your intuition and Higher Wisdom, being in flow with Divine Intelligence;
  • Faithfully take life as it is, without overdramatizing it, knowing it is just an invitation for your to heal and grow even more. 
  • Have the confidence that no matter what is going to happen in future, you and your support team (here and above) are going to figure it out, together. 

In The Coming 3 Months We'll Work Closely Together To Alchemise You In Terms of:

Growing A Total Trust In Yourself

Earlier in life, we surrendered our personal power to someone else because we thought we were not good enough. But it’s time to take back your power, and have trust in yourself that no matter what happens, you can figure it out. That’s the ultimate goal in order to liberate your life to truly live on your terms!

Transmuting Conditionings Into Strengths

All life events happen for a reason: to awaken our souls and for us to learn some important lessons.

Once the lessons are learned and nutrients are extracted, the event itself is irrelevant and ready to be metabolized OUT of our psyche! This process might feel a bit uncomfortable, especially if you have been having energy constipation for a while 🙂 But no worries, we’ll go through this together with support!

Setting Your Voice Free

Together we’ll break the chains that have been holding you back, and help you build the confidence muscles in speaking up, so that you can find your authentic voice, and express who you truly are with grace!

Infusing Passion and Zest In Your Being

Like an alchemist, you can turn your biggest life struggles into your biggest power and fuel to bring change to the world, so that you become a walking powerhouse who vibrates contagious passions wherever you go!

Strengthening Your Kick-Ass Muscles

I teach you how to fish. Eventually, I want you to be able to stand firmly on your own feet and be so confident in yourself that REGARDLESS of what is going to happen, you KNOW you’re going to figure it out.

So we’ll strengthen your courage muscles, and map out strategies to either remove or simply get around potential internal and external roadblocks that might appear.

Unlocking Your Unique Keys To Manifestation

All the abundance, time, freedom, and love you need is already within you.

You just haven’t realized you’ve been sitting on a wealth of treasure all these years! I’ll show you your unique KEYS to unlock all of them so you can create your future with ease and greater joy while using your favourite strengths and talents.

Stand Tall!

Back Straight!

Chin Up!


Quantum Leap Accelerator 1:1

US $2200 / Full Pay or Payment Plans Available

A unique 12-week container where I facilitate your evolution through a tailored-made recipe of energy activation, trauma-informed coaching, emotional transmutation & healing, and Quantum Leap techniques, developed JUST FOR YOU!

You deserve this soul-deep, whole-body cellular renewal!

You won’t be the same version of YOU after graduating from this Accelerator!

How it works:

  • Begins with a Diagnosis Session to formulate your Personalised Recipe to bridge where you are now and most empowered version of YOU
  •  6 x  1:1 Alchemy Workshops (~2 hours each)  to uncover, heal, transform, and recalibrate all your inner resources so you can plug-In to your “Powerbank” and light up like a 🎄 tree!
  • Unlimited Support through Whatsapp or Email in between (Responding within 24 hours)
  • Before you graduate, we’ll have a Strategy Session to ground all your growth into sustainable new ways of living
  • 1 x Emergency Call to get you through any urgent personal matter (when required)
  • ***PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: Money Reiki Healing to be sent DAILY throughout the entire 12 weeks to boost your manifestation power! 

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