How do we survive in this AI era?

In this era where AI will for sure become mainstream (I wrote an IG post on AI here) and change human behaviours entirely, what we crave even more will be truth, and human connections.

Because the world doesn’t need us to be robots anymore!

When I decided to start my own private practice as a career coach in 2017, I knew this day when AI would replace jobs is coming soon. (but who doesn’t know?!) I mean, what’s the true value of these?!

  • The monotonous, repetitive, dull routines and tasks day after day;
  • The humongous volume of administrative tasks that require humans to become servants to inadequate systems (vs they serve us!) or those who don’t shake hands to make sure they operate as we want them to;
  • The rigid bureaucracy that is too process-driven, and staff members who are doing it for the sake of doing that feels inhumane;
  • The long-lost human connections drown in the seas of overemphasized KPIs & SOPs etc etc

Are these the most valuable problems to be solved at work?

If not, what valuable solutions can we develop instead to solve something that is dear to our hearts and that we genuinely care about?

Then the next question is,

What do we really want, If we don’t need to “make a living” ?!

If we finally have the freedom to make many of our decisions, do we know how to use our freedom without feeling overwhelmed like the kid at the candy store?!


Every night before I go to bed, I asked myself, “Have I uplifted someone today?”


Do you feel like you are about to end a chapter in your life, but don’t quite get where you are heading next?

That weird sense of living in the void, intuitively knowing something big is about to explode and flip the world & your world around, feeling eager to know how you can better serve the collective consciousness?

I’m with you in this!



This work is not about me.

Friends who grew up with me would know I’m the least entrepreneurial-minded person in the group being really poor in math; but I have been the witchy one since the beginning lol

I didn’t start this online solopreneur/soul-preneur “thing” to make big bucks, gain power and influence online, or make myself famous.

All I wish, was just to carve out a space of my own so I can FINALLY have the privacy and personal sovereignty to do my own thing.

It was an experiment to minimize contextual pressures from work culture and environment,

So I can listen to my intuition and act accordingly.

So I can answer my spiritual calling & carry out my soul mission.

So I can choose who I work with, and work for.

So I can live true to my purpose, my values and do what matters to me and to the people I serve.

One person at a time.

And magically enough, every client whom I served – I see with clarity, as soon as the first 20 mins when we met, that WHY I was there and what role I was meant to play at that pivotal point in their lives.

The synchronicity doesn’t lie! Like one time I was quarreling with my mom; the next day a client with a very similar HD chart came for a Human Design reading, seeking insights for mending her relationship with her daughter🙃.


Figuring out what to do next takes patience and tons of consistent self-inquiry.

The patience to wait for every piece to come together for an answer to emerge itself.

The patience to hold space for your emotions, self-doubts, and lingering childhood limiting patterns, and accept them as part of who you are without judgement.

The patience to not waver when you are waiting for your manifestation to be delivered.

The wisdom to know what are your true desires VS mimetic desires you thought you want, as suggested by Luke Burgis in his book Wanting: The Power of Mimetic Desire in Everyday Life.

The wisdom to know what emotions and thought patterns are not even yours, and hence what truly matters to your decision-making moving forward.

The courage to kick open the prison door you’ve been trapping yourself in as a punishment for your past mistakes.

The bottom line is, you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.


At the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, everyone asked concernedly, “ Is this sustainable?”

And in low seasons, when self-doubts creep in, my mind is looping with questions like,

“It’s easier to just get a job given your work ethic and track record – why choose the difficult path?!”

“Am I escaping from the corporate world because I cannot cope, or am I too rigid about my values, using “rebellious as my excuse”? “

“Is it worth sacrificing my personal life to work around timezones, and to accept the financial unpredictability to do this work? Either a bunch of clients come to me all at once or I have more availability than I want to.”

“Am I fantasizing about what I can do for the collective after that 2012 “awakening” moment? After all I’m just an ordinary person growing up in a small dot on the world map with no particular exceptional achievement nor network nor resources so far, and there is so little I can practically “change the world”??”

But when I return to that question by the end of the day,

Have I uplifted someone today?

I know I am on the right track.

I’m always divinely guided.

I just wasn’t always listening and trusting enough 🙂


Together, let’s demystify this thing called heart-centered, spiritual entrepreneurship.

I envision a world where this term will not be used anymore because ALL businesses are heart-centered, spiritually guided and humanity-plus.

We’ve got a lot to do to make this happen!

If you feel called to step into your power to serve as a spiritual leader, let me be there for you, as your cheerleader, as your best accountability buddy, and occasionally as the fairy godmother to sprinkle some sparkles on you when you forget how talented and magical you innately are and misidentify yourself as Cinderella✨

Our journey of working together 1: 1 is a partnership – where we’ll be collaborating over a few months together, focusing on how to get you from where you are now, to where you desire to be.

To be exact, we are going to get you from WHO you are now, to WHO YOU NEED TO BECOME to get to where you want to arrive.

Like, our existential crisis with AI becoming more dominating in our lives could feel overwhelming at our current level of consciousness, but if we could think like Dalai Lama, we won’t freak out!

We’ll start with an inner treasure hunt to take stock of what you DO have, then untangle what has been distracting and binding you, to make space for clarity to emerge.

Finding the golden thread and connecting the dots is my zone of genius.

I’m opening 3 spots for March – May for 1:1 growth coaching to whom feel aligned with this message.

By asking the right questions in the right sequences, we can uncover the best way forward, one step at a time.

Curious about how does this work? Message me and let’s discuss further!

Alternatively, you can enroll in this Identity Detox Workshop (free) to have a feel of my energy.

Have a powerful March! Sending blessings 🙂