follow your gut human designFollow your gut human design

“Follow Your Gut.”

In Human Design, that’s the “mantra” for Generators and MGs when it comes to decision making, and responding to act at the right timing.

Is your gut telling you:

  • Hell Yes! or
  • Hell No! or
  • um….not now?


However you might ask,

“How do I know if it’s sacral/gut response of a YES, or just my head urging me out of FOMO (Fear of missing out)?”

“And how do I know if it’s a NO, or just my fear trying to steal the show?”


So How Can We Tell The Difference Between the Pressure to Act VS Gut Response?

To tell the difference, it’s all about ALIGNMENT of your Mind, Body, Heart.



How To Follow Your Gut in Human Design?

Here are some typical scenarios:

Scenario 1: SHOULDs are the dominating voice

gut response human design- no

When the pressure to act is “top-down” aka from your Mind, logical reasoning, and the SHOULD energies are strong making you feel guilty of NOT doing soonest, but your gut (body) is not responding >>>

At the moment you are under environmental/peer pressure or that from your past experiences that urges you to make things happen NOW. However if you haven’t already rallied the support from your life force energy at the sacral level, it’d feel hard to push thing forward and encounter resistance in your executions.

What’s Next Then?

Ask yourself, “What would happen if I don’t do it NOW?” And delete, delegate or reschedule to a better timing.


Scenario 2: Your HEART is leading your body before you can rationalise it

gut response human design- hell yes


An idea lights your heart up and energizes you; your body (mostly at the core or stomach-belly area) is already moving towards that direction even you still have lots of unknowns in your mind, waiting to be figured out. When people ask you why you did that, you simply don’t have works for itπŸ˜… >>>

This is a typical Hell Yes sacral response to tell you this is an expansive experience for your being! You don’t necessarily need to be able to explain it as long as it makes you feel good!


What’s Next Then?

Follow your gut!

And keep responding by asking Y/N questions on a smaller scale and adjust when necessary.

For Emotional authority, just make sure you get a Yes consistently over a few days to make sure you’ve got your emotional clarity before committing.


Scenario 3: Body Feels Stuck

gut response human design - not responding
It feels like the Responding Machine is broken lol

Whatever you ask your gut, you get no response in return, and you’ve lost your mojo in life; Or when your gut does say Yes, your mind didn’t object, but you have an unexplainable, irrational fear that has been keeping you frozen in taking further actions. >>>

These are the accumulation of supressed out-of-integrity energies that every time when you should have said No, but you said Yes instead. πŸ’₯

Imagine your gut as a loyal staff who ALWAYS get shits done who are underappreciated and underpaid. How would she feel when you keep taking her energies for granted?!

Over time, these resentment to overworking, and not doing the right work continue to roll up into SPEED BUMPS aka energy blocks!

What’s Next Then?
Energies get to be directed so they can flow.

So to unblock those trapped energies, GO PLAY! Allow your inner child to feel you are lovable, powerful and capable.

Promise you’ll respect your gut from now on!

And heal your relationship with your body so that your body knows you respect her enough and won’t be slaving her away any further.

Ultimately, following your gut in human design is the AUTHORITY,

aka the decision making mechanism for Generators and Manifesting Generators so they can keep dancing with life with the alignment between their mind, body and heart!

There are SOOO much to dig in Human Design, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

If you’d love to have a deep dive of your own Human Design chart, book a Reading with me and we can work through yours together!

Alternatively, if you are curious in learning more about human design on your own, check out my teacher Karen Curry Parker’s courses!