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How to finally move the heck on?

I was watching the MasterChef finals on a Sunday; The 4 finalists, who have grown so much after going through levels of challenges, harsh feedbacks, mistakes and fierce competitions among peers, continued their growth journey in the pursue of excellence. And among the best of the best, what differentiates the best from the rest? Probably…

Jun 2019: Self-Respect

Why Self-Respect Is The Root of Personal Power Is one of your weaknesses being TOO NICE? Like, you are always the first person to give an apology, regardless of whether it’s your fault, to make peace? Or when different opinions are expressed, you usually are the one to compromise, even though it’s not what your…

May 2019: Self-Worth

May 19: Self-Worth Monthly Career Freedom Guide A lot of changes are happening, momentum is building, but the new future might not seem to be right next door >>> Do you feel the same? A lot of people in my circle are also yearning for a fresh new start in their careers and in how…

April 2019: Feel Motivated And Take Inspired Actions

Feel Motivated And Take Inspired Actions Career Monthly Freedom Guide Can you smell the Spring in the air? The vitality, forward-moving momentum and action-taking vibe that you can literally feel from those around you. So this month, I’d love to start the conversation with you on action taking: When it comes to taking actions, I often hear clients…

March 2019: Embrace Your Shyness & Quirkiness

So What is Shyness anyway? It’s an awkwardness you have when you are around other people. It’s NOT the same as introversion; You can be extrovert, introvert or ambivert, and be shy at the same time. The pre-requisite for shyness to happen, is that you have a keen awareness and sensitivity to energies around you. Which means, very probably,…

I hate every job I had. Is there something wrong with me?

The other day I was having a coffee chat with an old friend of mine. We talked about life, careers, and how much we hate our jobs. And while we have been switching through multiple jobs and career options in our paths, changing jobs feels like we are just jumping from one hell to another. …

Feb 2019: Honouring Yourself

Welcome to our Monthly Freedom Guide 🙂 Happy Lunar New Year! wishing you all a joyful, fulfilling and exciting year of the Pig in life and in your career! Whenever we are entering a new beginning, we bring our hopes, desires and dreams into the new future as we move forward. Interestingly, do you sometimes…

The 2-Year-Itch In Your Career, And 5 Questions To Find Your Deepest Why

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current job (again) and ready to move on to the next? Think about the smartphone you are using – if you’ve been using the same phone for 2 years (probably months before that), it’d be running slower and slower and the battery is not performing at its peak….

January 2019: Plan That Works!

Researches show consistently that 15th January is usually the time when most people give up on their new year resolutions. Because? It’s the same LIST carried forward every year anyway!!! Get up 1 hour earlier to workout and go to bed before 11pm >>> But I arrived home at 9pm after working overtime…..that’sexhausting Cut sugar from my…

December ‘s Guide: Ride The Wave

Finally, we are coming to the final month of the year 2018. Are you feeling excited? relieved? Anxious about what will come next? Change is definitely in the air, whether it’s on a personal level, on a collective consciousness level, on the technological breakthrough level, or on the global economy level. We are all preparing, in…