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Introvert, Personal Power and Confidence

How To Turn Your Shyness Into A Superpower?

0July 28, 2019
What exactly is Shyness?⁣ ⁣It’s an awkwardness you have when you are around other people.⁣ ⁣ It’s NOT the same...
Introvert, Personal Power and Confidence

Fear-based Quiet vs Calm, Nurturing, Space-Holding Quiet

0July 28, 2019
  As an introvert who also have a lot of introverted friends and clients, I spot a significant indicator of...
Career Planning, Job Winning

Window Shopping For Your Next Career

0July 27, 2019
Feeling stuck in a job yet not sure what else is possible? Actively start your job hunting like a game!...

Untangle Your Life

0July 27, 2019
//Untangle Your Life// While doing my mid-year decluttering, I found some neglected accessories sitting neatly inside a 4×6 partitioned jewelry...
Personal Power and Confidence, Workplace Empowerment

Stop Using This One Word To Take Back Your Power At Work

0July 27, 2019
The WORDS we choose have enormous power to shape how we think. When you can put the right word to...
*Monthly Freedom Guide, Career Freedom & Satisfaction

How to finally move the heck on?

0June 26, 2019
I was watching the MasterChef finals on a Sunday; The 4 finalists, who have grown so much after going through...
self respect
*Monthly Freedom Guide, Personal Power and Confidence

Jun 2019: Self-Respect

0June 26, 2019
Why Self-Respect Is The Root of Personal Power Is one of your weaknesses being TOO NICE? Like, you are always...
*Monthly Freedom Guide, Career Freedom & Satisfaction, Personal Power and Confidence

May 2019: Self-Worth

0May 8, 2019
May 19: Self-Worth Monthly Career Freedom Guide A lot of changes are happening, momentum is building, but the new future...
feel motivated and take inspired actions
*Monthly Freedom Guide, Peak Performance Hacks

April 2019: Feel Motivated And Take Inspired Actions

0April 6, 2019
Feel Motivated And Take Inspired Actions Career Monthly Freedom Guide Can you smell the Spring in the air? The vitality,...
Embrace Your Shyness
*Monthly Freedom Guide, Personal Power and Confidence

March 2019: Embrace Your Shyness & Quirkiness

0March 6, 2019
So What is Shyness anyway? It’s an awkwardness you have when you are around other people. It’s NOT the same as introversion;...
whats wrong with me?
Calling, Purpose, Meaning

I hate every job I had. Is there something wrong with me?

0February 10, 2019
The other day I was having a coffee chat with an old friend of mine. We talked about life, careers,...
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
*Monthly Freedom Guide, Career Freedom & Satisfaction

Feb 2019: Honouring Yourself

0February 7, 2019
Welcome to our Monthly Freedom Guide 🙂 Happy Lunar New Year! wishing you all a joyful, fulfilling and exciting year...
Calling, Purpose, Meaning, Career Freedom & Satisfaction

The 2-Year-Itch In Your Job, And 5 Questions To Get Unstuck & Find Your Deepest Why

0January 31, 2019
Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current job (again) and ready to move on to the next? Think about...
planning that works for New Year
*Monthly Freedom Guide, Career Planning, Peak Performance Hacks

January 2019: Plan That Works!

0January 8, 2019
Researches show consistently that 15th January is usually the time when most people give up on their new year resolutions....
Career Planning, Personal Development

New Year Resolution – Freedom To be Yourself

0January 2, 2019
What is your theme for the new year? Mine is “To Lead”. For the last 2 years, my theme was...

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