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10 Lessons I’ve Learned from 10 Years in Career Coaching

2023 marks the 10th year since I started career coaching! Back in 2012, I was awakened to the fact that I had no further interest in climbing the corporate ladder after my early roles in international HR and talent development.... Read More

How do we survive in this AI era?

How do we survive in this AI era? In this era where AI will for sure become mainstream (I wrote an IG post on AI here) and change human behaviours entirely, what we crave even more will be truth, and human connections.... Read More

Do You Want To Become A Healer?

  Recently I keep getting feedback from clients who told me they would love to pursue a “spiritual” or “healing” career to raise the positive vibes for humanity. Of course this is great news that more and more conscious people... Read More

Rediscovering Purposeful Work as a Parent

Purposeful Work as a Parent – Is It Even Possible?! Becoming a mom is a life-transforming experience; For those who chose this path of parenthood, it’s a watershed of a woman’s life – and her path to maturity and personal... Read More

I hate every job I had. Is there something wrong with me?

The other day I was having a coffee chat with an old friend of mine. We talked about life, careers, and how much we hate our jobs. And while we have been switching through multiple jobs and career options in... Read More

The 2-Year-Itch In Your Job, And 5 Questions To Get Unstuck & Find Your Deepest Why

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current job (again) and ready to move on to the next? Think about the smartphone you are using – if you’ve been using the same phone for 2 years (probably months before that),... Read More

December ‘s Guide: Ride The Wave

Finally, we are coming to the final month of the year 2018. Are you feeling excited? relieved? Anxious about what will come next? Change is definitely in the air, whether it’s on a personal level, on a collective consciousness level, on... Read More

An Unusual Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday is coming! Have you started researching the best offers in town, reading every holiday gift guide you can found, and preparing your to-buy list? Although I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, in Asia we’ve just experienced a HUGE online shopping... Read More

My Mission was always within me…I just failed to recongise it earlier.

Reading your old diaries and writings could be an embarrassing experience when you tap into the brain of a more naive version of you. What bothered you when you were 10 years younger? How did you find the solution back then? Do... Read More