From Stuck To Freedom – Kick Start Your Career Change

What Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Dreams?

What do you think stands between you and where you want to be?
Is it not having enough clarity, time, knowledge or money?

Maybe, or maybe not.
Either way, let's shine some light on what they really are!

In this 2 hours + video training series, you'll learn all the must-have awareness and critical steps to liberate your career potentials!
We'll uncover the secrets of:


  • What Type of Career Truly Fits Me?

  • What If I Only Know What I DON’T Want?

  • How To Stop Worries Like “I hate my job but I need the money…”

  • 4 Common Fears That Could Be Stopping You

  • Money Mindset Reframing

  • How To Bring Your Whole Self To Work

  • Closing The Confidence Gap


I'll See You On The Other Side!

Ponny Lam, Purpose Coach + Career Educator