planning that works for New Year

Researches show consistently that 15th January is usually the time when most people give up on their new year resolutions.

Because? It’s the same LIST carried forward every year anyway!!!

  • Get up 1 hour earlier to workout and go to bed before 11pm >>> But I arrived home at 9pm after working overtime…..that’sexhausting
  • Cut sugar from my diet >>> Forget about it, it’s weekend and I DERSERVE a cake hahaha
  • Be more compassionate and understanding to my partner, my children, my parents, and my coworkers >>> I’m trying but THEY have to cooperate!
  • Meditate every night before sleep >>> I meditate DURING sleep if that counts lol
  • Read 1 book every week >>> I read 3 already – let’s take a break!
  • Volunteer at least once every month >>> Um… let me see what’s available…

There is always an excuse we can come up with to justify WHY we shouldn’t stick to our own plans.

Yes for REBELS, we rebel our own plans even!!!

Which is why I think the traditional way of SMART goal-setting doesn’t work – even if we set goals with the specifics, we don’t FEEL driven and energised to change our habits for good.

Plus, with our very limited attention span in this era, a long list like this is just too much to focus on –

which means our attention can be easily distracted to something more interesting at the moment like pop-up from our phones, or the coming Netflix show.

To simplify this, I recommend this method, which I call a Dartboard Plan: A plan to help you achieve ONLY ONE big goal that encompasses all the other supporting goals.

1.So you’ll start by going into a space where you can plan from an expansive place of possibility, not fear or what you hate about your life or yourself. Like after a visit the seaside or a massage session.

2.Then list out every intent and goal that you wish to bring them into reality in the coming 12 months.

3.And with each listed goal, ask yourself, “Why do I want this?“, usually it is a core desired feeling as coined by Danielle La Porte.

4.Then you are ready to Single out the ONE BIG goal that is the most important to you this year, and put it in the dartboard’s CENTRE, with all the other smaller goals to support it.

For example, one of my clients’ goal for 2019 is to grow and monetize her handicraft side project.

Dartboard Plan goal setting

Dartboard Plan Goal Setting

She listed multiple business goals, health goals, learning goals and relationship goals, and after I prompted her several times, this is what she told me,

“I want to feel more energetic, vital, sharp minded, knowledgeable and driven SO I have more energy to bring my side hustle into a profitable business! And ultimately I can spend more time at home with my kids.”

So as you can see from the above graphic, this Dartboard Plan allows you to make choices easily, even when you face with the temptation to stick with your old habits. For example:

  • If doing a 15-min workout every morning can boost your energy and mental alertness by 50%+ throughout your busy day, do you think 15 minutes is a great investment? absolutely!
  • If hitting the snooze button will lead to a morning of hurry, feeling bad about yourself for not hitting your new year goal again, heart racing when you rush to work, feeling irritated when there is a traffic jam, feeling shamed when you arrive at work late etc etc , which guarantee bad mood and a series of anxious events happening as your day unfold, would you still choose to hit the snooze button, even it feels like just a small action at the moment?

See, when you dedicate your laser-focus on just ONE BIG GOAL, you’ll choose to be smarter with your everyday decisions, and you won’t give in to your own excuses that don’t even valid in whatever logic except that they feel more familiar.

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