Recently I keep getting feedback from clients who told me they would love to pursue a “spiritual” or “healing” career to raise the positive vibes for humanity.

Of course this is great news that more and more conscious people choose to answer their callings and to live out their missions🌟

As a career and purpose coach though, it’s also my duty to help you gain clarity and confidence in your career decisions, and then guide you through your career transitions so you’d have reasonable expectations, and able to manage the transition gracefully and in a sustainable way.

No matter how sacred, noble, glamorous a career might look like from the outside, it might feel very different when you are actually DOING it day-in-day-out.

For example, a newbie energy healer might feel like with the support of divine energies you can heal many, creating miracles without getting tired (which is a myth!).

Most healers I know, when they start getting more and more clients, actually express that they feel like a cleaner unclogging toilets in
gastrointestinal hospitals all day long 🚿🧻🧼🚾💩🤢😅

The cognitive and emotional labour you are using might just be overlooked, comparing to physical labour that you can obviously aware of.

Plus, in order not to get contaminated by the negativity you are clearing, you have to hold a healthy energetic template (like your energetic immune system), plus proper energy hygiene procedures pre and post healing services performed.

These are not easy jobs, or even dirty jobs to some extent!

But eventually, as you become more masterful in your work, you’ll uplevel from a struggling “cleaner” to a professional one🤣, knowing your competence AND your boundaries, staying in your lane.

Ultimately healers and spiritual workers are here to activate self-healing of individuals, not here to perform these on their behalf.

Am I scaring you off yet with this toilet cleaner analogy already? If not, and you are still keen on pursuing a spiritual career, congrats🤗 Let’s talk and let me support you in your journey 💪


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