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AI is the Collective Consciousness?!

AI is JUST a product of our 🔮Collective Consciousness🔮 How do you feel when the “collective consciousness” is no longer something esoteric as a spiritual or philosophical term, but something you can SEE & INTERACT with? Whether it’s ChatGPT or... Read More

Self-Love Reset: Invitation

Self Love In Embodiment – How Does It Look Like? In need of a Self-Love Reset? Imagine the version of you who have so much self-love that every time you come across a mirror, you can’t help smiling and appreciating... Read More

Human Design Authority: What type of leader are you?

Human Design Authority: What type of leader are you? A few months ago, I watched a Japanese anime series called Cells At Work, which is an educational and entertaining series of stories that humanise cells in the body, and portray how... Read More

Do You Believe in Destiny? The Story of The Drowning Man

Do you believe in Destiny? Do You Believe in Destiny? I do – because I believe that our existence on earth is never just a random accident; Each of us has a special reason WHY we are here (= our... Read More

Mending Relationship With Parents During Lockdown

When Your Parents Turn Into Teenagers During Lockdown How do you cope during this lockdown in 2020? The biggest disruption for me at this global-wide stay-at-home social experiment, is on how to balance intimacy and personal space with my loved... Read More

Stop Self-Sabotaging with Affirmations + Mirror Work

Self-Sabotaging, Affirmations, And Mirror Work There was a time when I was too shy and nervous about a presentation at work, someone recommended me to practice in front of a mirror. I did. It felt awkward at first to talk... Read More

New Year Resolution – Freedom To Be Yourself

What is your theme for the new year? Mine is “To Lead”. For the last 2 years, my theme was Freedom. The freedom to use my time according to my wish, to choose work I love and that allows me... Read More

Ready To Grow Your Impact? 5 Actions To Start (+ Useful Tools)

What do you do when you come across an inspiring piece of writing or video online? You Google that person‘s name. That‘s it. Then, when you Google your own name, what do you get? Here‘s Come Your Personal Branding 101... Read More

November’s Guide: Recalibrate

A Month for Recalibration! As we are approaching the end of the year, I’m sure many of you are working on tying up loose ends, and getting yourself ready for a brand new start! For many, 2018 is a year... Read More

May’s Guide – Raw Authenticity

Emotions have potent power. Whether you label them as “positive” emotions or “negative” ones, they are there for a reason. Most people (including myself) tend to suppress or repress the so-called “negative” emotions over the years, and reject to acknowledge... Read More