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The 2-Year-Itch In Your Job, And 5 Questions To Get Unstuck & Find Your Deepest Why

Do you feel like you’ve outgrown your current job (again) and ready to move on to the next? Think about the smartphone you are using – if you’ve been using the same phone for 2 years (probably months before that),... Read More

Do You Choose your Soul Purpose, Or It Chooses You?

Do You Choose your Soul Purpose Or It Chooses You? Last Sunday I met with Jane again, my 1st ever coaching client, over a coffee chat. It was 3 years ago in May when we first met. Back then I... Read More

Are you a Multipotentialite or a Renaissance Soul?

Multipotentialite Renaissance Soul? Or in other words, do you have many interests and creative pursuits and do not want to be pinned down to one job? Maybe you are not having ADHD in your career choices; rather, you just would... Read More