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Happy Lunar New Year! wishing you all a joyful, fulfilling and exciting year of the Pig in life and in your career!

Whenever we are entering a new beginning, we bring our hopes, desires and dreams into the new future as we move forward.

Interestingly, do you sometimes wonder WHY do you desire what you desire?

Have you really honoured your deepest desires from the heart, instead of chasing metrics set by others for external validations?

self love honouring yourself

Last year in February, I wrote about Self-Love, which was one of my most popular newsletters ever!

So this year I’d love to continue with the theme and write about how we can show up more authentically by Honouring Ourselves, and our deepest emotional needs.

Let’s use a simple model that everyone knows to identify what needs are your first priority at this point in life!

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs 

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs


Physiological needs – How satisfied am I in my basic needs, and my financial situation?

Safety needs – Do I feel secure in my job, in terms of job stability and emotional safety?

Love & Belonging needs – Do I feel connected to a like-minded tribe that understands me and supported me?

Esteem needs – Am I encouraged to be my true self and still be respected for who I am?

Self-Actualisation needs – Do I have the opportunities to thrive and be the best version of who I can possibly be?

And, for those who celebrate Lunar New Year, What messages delight you the most when you are receiving wishes from others?

Is it “Less work more income!” , “get promoted fast!” or ?

>>> So which level of needs require the most attention from you right now?

Next, if you still have your New Year goals in Jan, take them out and see which level of needs do the goals fall into?

Do they match?

Because if they don’t, then it explains exactly WHY you don’t feel driven to carry out those goals!!!!!

>>> Let’s go one level deeper: How have you been nurturing your needs from that level below?

For example, you feel most drawn to the Self-Actualisation level. But are the lower level needs fulfilled already?

Like a pyramid, we need a solid foundation of needs in the lower levels, THEN AND ONLY THEN we can go up the hierarchy with success with sustainability (vs daydream only without practicality).

I’ll leave you with this chart and the questions to ponder 🙂


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Honour your inner light,

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