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Self-Sabotaging, Affirmations, And Mirror Work

There was a time when I was too shy and nervous about a presentation at work, someone recommended me to practice in front of a mirror.

I did. It felt awkward at first to talk to yourself in the mirror, seeing yourself eye-to-eye, but soon it becomes a very soothing and empowering exercise whenever I need more emotional support – that comes from myself!

Through many experiments, and the advice from Louise Hay in the book of You Can Heal Your Life, this is the powerful practice that helps you get out of your self-sabotaging loop, re-establish your relationship with yourself, and change your life for the better!

What is Self-Sabotaging, and Why Affirmation Works

Self-sabotage literally happens when your conscious mind (the side of you that says you need to eat healthier and save money) is battling with your subconscious mind (the side of you that stress-eats brownies and goes on online shopping binges). The latter is your anti-self – that critical inner voice that seems to hold you back and sabotage your efforts.

The root cause of self-sabotaging stems from low self-esteem, at least in a certain area in your life where you feel like ” I can’t do it”, so you are creating excuses for yourself NOT to do it through behaviours like procrastination, non-productive habits, and self-defeating languages.

Affirmations are short statements that you keep repeating with an intention to reframe your negative self-talk. The repetition is key in the process – because to reshape your subconscious impression of who you have been identified with yourself with for decades,  it would take time to let that new affirming statements to sink in!

The Technique

This is how to do it:

1.Flip your current struggle around and turn it into an “I AM” affirmation (examples will follow!)

2. Write the affirmation(s) on your mirror

3. Read it aloud to yourself every single day x at least one month!

Examples of Affirmations for Your Mirror Work

According to your personal situation, here are some powerful examples of affirmations for you to write beautifully on your mirror and read it aloud to yourself every day!

If you are eager to rise in life but hesitate due to your worries about how people will judge you: 

I Am Perfectly Imperfect! 

I Am Ready to Shine.

I Am Glowing!

If you are feeling under-appreciated at your job, and have way more to offer the world (懷才不遇): 

I Am My Best Mentor! (我是自己最好的伯樂)


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If you are feeling stuck, trapped in a bad situation: 

I Am Flying High! 

The World Is My Playground, And I Choose Which Game I Play. 

I Allow Myself To Thrive.

If you are in a survival mode: 

I Am Safe.

I Am Divinely Supported & Protected. The Universe Has My Back. 

I Am Growing Stronger Everyday! 

I Can Do It.

If you are feeling numb to life: 

I Am Warm. 

I Open My Heart To Life. 

It’s Safe To Love & Be Loved.

I Allow Myself To Feel Deeply.

If you feel directionless after too many changes: 

I Am Grounded. 

I Am Divinely Guided to Exactly What I Need. 

I Am Always On The Right Path.

I Am My Compass To An Extraordinary Life.

I Am Cuddling Life With Grace.

If you feel like you are not controlling your emotions well enough: 

I Am So Loved.

It’s Safe To Feel. It’s Safe To Express With My Heart. 

I Am At Peace With Who I Am.

If you are feeling too young/too old/too weak/too stupid for anything that you desire: 

I am Fearless.

I Am Believing In Myself.

I Am Growing More Powerful Every Day. 

I Am Becoming More XXX. 

I Am Confident. 

I Can Figure That Out.

Last but not least, here are some powerful affirmations applicable to everyone:

I Am Valuable. 

I Am Worthy. 

I Am Precious.

I Love Life. 

I Am Laughter/Joy. 

I Am Ease.

I Am Peace.

I Am Open & Available For More.

I Am Open To Receive. I Am Ready To Receive.

Nature Is Abundant.

Life Is Abundant.

I Am Abundant.

I Am Provided. 

Thank You.

Are you loving your mirrors more and more from today onwards? 🙂