Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will = Not Getting Things Done?

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Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will & Relation to Productivity


In Human Design, one of the most powerful motors is the Will/Heart center. It governs our willpower, our sense of worth, and our persistence in pursuing our ego desires and commitment to push it through the finishing line.

Interestingly, in human design statistics, 70% of the population have this center UNDEFINED, meaning, most of us do not have consistent energy in this area! (Not sure? Get your chart here)

This explains why a lot of us set New Year resolutions, feeling motivated and excited to start implementing new habits for a short while, then somehow forget about it, and feel guilty about not sticking to it till the end.

When You Look Up to a Defined Will

The lucky 30% of the population who has a defined will center are having consistent willpower to persist, and to see a project to the finishing line because, they have an internal desire and drive to finish things and the PROCESS itself gives them an enormous sense of satisfaction.⁣

Those motivational speakers you see who keep pushing you to hustle harder, slay the dragon, fight-fight-fight, do-do-do… are probably having their will centre defined. You might admire them for their high energy (they are usually powerhouse!), and that explains why you feel an energetic high after attending such events, feeling on top of the world, ready to change your life FOREVER, and after 2 days or so, your motivation dissipates.⁣ Because you can absorb their kick-ass energy for a short while but the energy is not driven within.

It’s NOT your fault, nor there’s something wrong for the rest of us (me included).⁣

Because if you are one of the majority, why beat yourself up ?!⁣

The key here is to respect who you are, and work WITH your design, not AGAINST your design.⁣

Fluctuating Willpower = Full Shelf of Half-Finished Projects?

Then does that mean people with undefined Will centre can never finish things?

Absolutely NOT! Unless you use that as an excuse to justify your tendency to skip things when it gets hard, or to get distracted by shiny objects too often!

Having an undefined Will center only means that the willpower we have will fluctuate over time, and is easily influenced by the people around us. Whereas for those who have a defined Will, they feel a compulsive inner drive to finish things and to win over (themselves or others).

In fact, recently I have an interesting observation that for Generators and Manifesting Generators, especially those with a defined Root center, they have enormous power to GET THINGS DONE when:

1. There is a REAL deadline
2. Their own sense of responsibility/ethics is strong
3. They feel the pressure to fulfil other’s expectations

And these pressures becomes their drive and motivation to achieve and persist when they are doing it FOR OTHERS.

Is Willpower Your Key Driving Force Behind Your Success? Maybe Not!

People who don’t have a defined Will Centers are the human beings who were built TO SERVE, to provide, to be useful to others, and usually putting others’ needs ahead of our personal needs and wants.

It is good news for the humanity as a whole that the majority of us are naturally wired this way – that most of us are not driven solely by ego desires, but with an eagerness to serve, to provide values to others and TO DO PURPOSEFUL WORK that means something for others!

Just then when it comes to our own personal desires, personal goals, and promises to ourselves, we don’t feel the urgency and necessity to perform them. And then since other people’s needs always jump the queue, we don’t have enough time and energy to get OUR stuff done!

How To Use Human Design To Get More Stuff Done, Regardless of Your Willpower Consistency

So if you have challenges meeting your promises to yourself, I have 3 tips for you:

1. Add ACCOUNTABILITY to important goals you set for yourself.

Since people with an undefined Will is easily influenced by people around us, so it is best to surround ourselves with highly disciplined people so we can “borrow” their energy and become more motivated.

Like finding a buddy to commit to a fitness goal and do it together, create calendar appointments to check on each others’ progress from time to time, and make it your priority to make sure your friend is performing, and vice versa!

Or have a bet that if you cannot commit to a goal by a certain date, you will be donating xxx dollars, hours of volunteering, or doing home cleaning for one another.

Announcing publicly about your scary new goal can also be effective since you’ll build expectations from others to put pressure on you to deliver what you’ve promised.

Which means, make peer pressure works for you!

Adding a costly burden as a “punishment” if you cannot commit to your own goal is the deal-breaker! You are going to punish yourself by guilt anyway if you don’t finish it. Why not make the pain a motivating one?

2. Connect your action with a PURPOSE.

How doing this can serve the people you care about better?
How being more successful and more disciplined make the world a better place?

When you rise to become the BEST version of who you can be, you become a living breathing inspiration to others!

3. Build momentum until you turn it into a habit

Many of us know that once a practice becomes a habit, things become much easier; the hard part is turning a new habit into one that sticks!

Some surveys said it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit, but for many, it could take up to 3 months.

The trick is don’t be too greedy and try to implement a ton of new habits at the same time; we are habitual beings and it is our natural tendency to prefer familiarity, because somehow it’s more “convenient” to our brain, especially when we are too busy to think and adapt!

Instead, just add ONE new habit at a time, and make sure it fits in smoothly into our existing flow of habits. Like installing a new APP to your phone won’t break it, but installing 10 might make it slow!

Just focus on building the momentum of one new habit at a time, and over time that new habit will flow like breathing!

Extra Tips for Projectors

For Projectors who have an undefined Will, on top of these 3 tips, honouring your energy wiring is essential. The key for you to become the master of your energy is to know you are NOT built for hustling! It’s definitely not lazy, but SMART to take a nap, have a 20-min meditation in the middle of the day to recharge your battery, which can feel like lifesaving habits for you!

I just want to say this:

When the MAJORITY of the population is having their Will center undefined, it is clear that most of us are built to serve and to provide for others. The best way to be a MASTER of your energy is to understand how you are wired, so that you can improve your productivity YOUR WAY.

Interested to understand how your energy works and how to find purposeful work? Getting a Career Purpose Reading can help you uncover your true nature.