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Stop Self-Sabotaging with Affirmations + Mirror Work

Self-Sabotaging, Affirmations, And Mirror Work There was a time when I was too shy and nervous about a presentation at work, someone recommended me to practice in front of a mirror. I did. It felt awkward at first to talk... Read More

Words To Take Back Your Power At Work

The WORDS we choose have enormous power to shape how we think. one word to take back your power When you can put the right word to describe a complex feeling or abstract concept concretely, it makes a paradigm shift.... Read More

Job Search With NLP Mind Power: Secret Revealed

  When it comes to job search, have you ever wonder why getting job offers are so difficult, even though you are smart and talented? You have read tons of “hacks” on how to crack a job interview, but when you... Read More

How to Answer “Tell Me About Your Weakness” In Job Interviews

“Tell Me About Your Weakness.” Recruiters are like Investigators, and they would love to know the REAL you. Asking “What are your weaknesses?” is a way for interviewers to find out if you are self-aware, and a proactive learner who... Read More

3 Confidence Boosters on the Job Interviewing Day

Confidence Boosters job Interviewing How to Have Radiating Confidence In Job Interviews? Myth: The best person for the job gets the offer Reality: It is the person who performs the best in the interview gets the offer. Don’t you think... Read More

An Introvert’s Guide to Job Interview: Before, During, After

Introverts’ Guide to Job Interview Introverts’ Guide to Job Interview Job Interviews have often seemed frightening, especially to introverts. As an introvert, the idea of opening up and sharing my thoughts with a total stranger is not very appealing. Let... Read More