Human Design Authority: What type of leader are you?

A few months ago, I watched a Japanese anime series called Cells At Work, which is an educational and entertaining series of stories that humanise cells in the body, and portray how they play vital functions by division of labour and cooperate to maintain a person’s health, and how they react in “crisis” moments like an attack of bacteria, food poisoning etc. 

Cells At Work USA

Which I can’t stop pondering then – 

If my brain was the “government” of my being, is my brain a dictator??!  

  • Who will drag her body to do the work when she is on a goal-oriented, go go go, nothing-can-stop-me vibes, or because she thinks she “should”, that she has “no choice”, ” I have to do this, or the world will collapse ” kinds of thoughts, even though her body has been complaining?

your brain is NOT your human design authority in making decisions

  • Or is my brain a laissez-faire leader who basically just “flows” with how the body feels like doing without interference, even if it means “enjoy now, pay later” stuff, like binge eating ice cream and lying on the sofa in bad postures for an entire week?
  • Does she hear the “people”‘s voices (cells, organs or my energy) or ignore them? Is there miscommunication or any delay in alert signals sent from local departments?
  • Does the brain know some “departments” are already on strike, trying to fight for better treatment, or have been under-laboured due to sick leaves?
  • Does she hire an advisor called “inner critic” who keeps criticising yourself all day long about why you are not good enough? And keep you in that echo chamber of your ego, blocking your access to your intuition and body intelligence?
  • Is the “government” basically paralysed by unnecessary drama or hijacked by the external environment due to her indigestion with all the contradicting, fearmongering energetic information she receives?
  • Does she realise that the brain is not as important as she thinks because even when the brain goes unconscious, most body parts will continue to function in auto-pilot?

Ha, fun troll, isn’t it?

Human Design Authority for Decision Making

human design authority

Ultimately who makes the BEST decisions? NOT the head+ mind, but your Authority of your human design chart.

This means, if you have:

  •  Sacral Authority: Your gut response (your life force energy) of Hell Yes/ Hell No in the here and now tells you your truth. You gain deeper self-awareness through responding to the eternal world. When the gut response is “neither”, it means “not now” and comes back to it later.
  • Emotional Authority: You gain clarity over time – give yourself time to download the full clarity as your Soul speaks to you through your nervous system, wait for 2-3 days, feel it out, especially for big decisions, and observe your emotional waves and what feels right. Don’t rush.
  • Splenic Authority: You’ll get one signal, one impulse, one subtle inner whisper to tell you, “do this, not that – NOW!”, usually via your senses. Trust your instincts, and no need to wait further when you get the signals. You’ll know when you know it, and don’t bother to try to explain it to others. 
  • Self-Projected Authority:  You’ll want to talk it out and the process of hearing your own voice is how you gain clarity of what you want to do. Your listeners need to understand they are there to be your sounding boards, not advisors. Only get involved when you get invitations.
  • Ego Authority: Just speak your truth to check IF you have enough inner resources (i.e. well rested) and if your heart really wants it; if yes, THEN you can leap forward and make things happen! 
  • Mental Authority: Your aura is so sensitive to the external world that as soon as you surround yourself with spaces, environments, and people, you’ll know if you are seen and recognised, which helps you decide whether to accept an invitation or not. It would be best to have your council board (where and whom) so you can talk things out.
  • Lunar Authority: Clarity for you comes over time, usually over a lunar cycle, so take all the time you need and pace yourself while bouncing those ideas around with trustworthy spaces and people.

[New to human design and not sure about what your Authority is? Start with getting your chart here]

Your Brain is like Google

Don’t get me wrong – the brain is good – common sense, logic, analytical mind, and intelligence are all very valuable, especially when it comes to brainstorming possibilities, researching all the details and putting them together, synthesising and distilling the wisdom from all the wise people before us, deducting the pros and cons of each of our options etc

But the brain is just the google, plus some analysis apps that assist us in decision-making.

I bet you’ve made decisions SOLELY with your brain before, then REGRET; 

Alternatively, you’ve probably also made decisions that have NOTHING to do with your brain, and still regret!

 – Neither felt totally aligned internally, right?

Embodiment is Key – Knowing your Human Design VS Living it

The beauty of Human Design is really in the APPLICATION i.e. the embodiment of wisdom. After all the self-identification to reconcile with who we truly are, we always go back to our strategies and authorities for action taking and decision making.

Which is the mechanics of how we make space for internal alignment between our Souls & our physical bodies that are necessary to exist in this 3D realm; without the physical plane, we couldn’t fulfil the missions we were sent here to do!

Human Design Authority - Alignment between your Soul and your Body


So back to you –

What type of “government” is leading your being at the moment? Are the integral you (your body, your heart, your Soul) happy with the leadership style? How would you want it to be improved, so it gets to be more wholesome? 

[All images credits to Midjourney]