Real Peace vs Fake Peace Real Peace vs Fake Peace


When you are immersing yourself in a serene lake, a blissful mountain top, a church or temple, a breathtaking retreat place, or engaging in a mindfulness activity like art, handicraft and sports, it is easier to feel peaceful in such environments.

Because what we design, design us.

Our environment effectively shapes who we are (Especially for those with an Open/Undefined G Center in Human Design).

And when our surrounding is quiet enough, we can start to hear the voice within – our inner guidance who has been SHOUTING but we all get too distracted by cellphones, politics and other shiny objects in the world.

So more and more people are taking up new hobbies that involve the usage of our physical body, which brings us back to our five senses and focus on the present moment.

Mindfulness, in essence, is all about being present, right here, right now.

Real Peace vs Fake Peace

The trouble is, when you leave that space, your peace is LOST! 😭

As soon as you return to the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, you feel stressed, triggered and irritated easily as usual.


Then are we going to stay in the mountain top, or an ashram for the rest of our life in order to achieve peace of mind?

If you thought so, it only means we are yet to achieve Real Peace yet.


Real peace is, whatever is happening outside of us, won’t interfere with my peace, because peace is my core nature.

Like the eye of a storm, when one can maintain her real peace amidst of all hustles and bustles, then nothing can shake our world!

Real peace comes from Inside Out, not the other way round.

Still a long way to go, my fellow city people🙈

How are you cultivating more peace in your daily life?