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Self-Love Reset: Invitation

Self Love In Embodiment – How Does It Look Like? In need of a Self-Love Reset? Imagine the version of you who have so much self-love that every time you come across a mirror, you can’t help smiling and appreciating... Read More

Self-Worth: Knowing Your Worth and Stop Giving People Discounts

May 19: Self-Worth Monthly Career Freedom Guide A lot of changes are happening, momentum is building, but the new future might not seem to be right next door >>> Do you feel the same? A lot of people in my... Read More

Feb 2019: Honouring Yourself

Welcome to our Monthly Freedom Guide 🙂 Happy Lunar New Year! wishing you all a joyful, fulfilling and exciting year of the Pig in life and in your career! Whenever we are entering a new beginning, we bring our hopes,... Read More

February’s Guide: Self Love at Work

It’s February already! ​ January passed in the blink of an eye, with massive action-taking and initiating energy for many people. On the second month of the year, I encourage you to pace yourself, and slow down a little. Our theme of the... Read More