It’s February already!

January passed in the blink of an eye, with massive action-taking and initiating energy for many people.

On the second month of the year, I encourage you to pace yourself, and slow down a little.

Our theme of the month is: Self-Love. 

I’m not sure how that phrase sounds to you. Cheesy? Romantic? A luxury for busy people like you?

And yes, I am indeed talking about applying self-love AT WORK.

It is not a common topic; the most popular career topics are about achievement, success, promotion, winning, leading etc, which are all about acquiring more.

Every year you might set an ambitious goal, work hard to reach it, feel excited about it for 2 weeks, and the cycle starts again – you want even more!

Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to fill a bottomless void within you. You thought that promotion and salary raise would make you happier. But the excitement fades after a short while.

Marisa Peer, a renowned international hypnotherapist, coined the idea that the biggest disease affecting humanity is the “I’m Not Enough” disease. Watch her thought-provoking talk HERE.

That’s why I always highlight the importance of Career Happiness – which is in the process, not the destination.

Because only when people are in flow and feel purposeful while they work, they can thrive, and commit to giving value to others wholeheartedly.

Are you demonstrating self-love in life, and at work?

Not sure? check out Feb’s Career Mini Guide to find out more.


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