grow your impact

What do you do when you come across an inspiring piece of writing or video online?

You Google that person‘s name. That‘s it.

Then, when you Google your own name, what do you get?

Here‘s Come Your Personal Branding 101 – Owning Your Online Presence!

1.Claim the Domain of Your Name

I mean – what? You still haven’t claimed a domain of your own name in 2018?? Getting a domain is as low as $8.88/year at, which I really see no reason why you would not do that!
Building a website under our own name is ideal, and even your personal site is not ready yet, you can just redirect the domain to your current Linkedin Profile for easy management.

2. Spring Clean And Safeguard Your Internet Presence Regularly

Google your name and see if there are any free platforms that you‘ve created profiles that share your private personal data with the public without you realising. It could give you a heart attack the first time when you do this!
Then, set a Google Alert to monitor any new updates with your name on it, so you‘ll get frequent updates whenever your name appears on the internet space.

3. Start A Passion Project!

Even if you have no interest to leave your day job for now, owning a passion project is soul-nurturing and offers you a space for your creativity and personality to thrive!

Especially when you feel like you are not making as much impact at work as you wish, the online space offers TONS OF POSSIBILITIES for your voice to be heard and set your own rules.

Whether it’s starting a blog, opening an e-commerce store, launching an art craft line on ETSY, writing your first book and self-published on Amazon, teaching a special skill at Udemy, or leading a small group of volunteers for a cause you care about [Hello, I’ve done them all 🙂 ], the entire creative process is very rewarding, allow you to uncover hidden strengths and could possibly open you up for new, lucrative opportunities!

New Year is almost here so it’s time to brainstorm for WHICH project to start!

If the first thought that came into your mind is, “I don‘t have time!!!”  – remind yourself that it‘s just an excuse that your mind is trying to persuade you in staying with comfort. Once you‘ve started something that lit you up, the passion fire will keep you going!

Plus, most of us start out with zero expectation, and when one day it grows and gain public recognition, that when the seeds begin to sprout!

Here are some of my favourite tools for starting and growing an online project:

Useful Online Tools

4. Choose One Social Media Platform, And Show Up Often To Impact

You don‘t need to be a big-name expert, nor consider yourself to be super smart in order to feel legitimate to speak up.

In fact, the opposite is true – the more you are willing to express your truth in a respectful way, the more confident and publicly recognised you‘ll become!

I’ve witnessed many peers who successfully raise their influence just by showing up consistently, with an intent to speak and inspire!

Deep down you know someone needs to hear your message – so even when you might feel a bit of resistance to sharing some personal thoughts and philosophies, you post it anyway because you are sure that someone could benefit from it.

And it doesn‘t have to be on big topics – for example, you could start an Instagram daily challenge for causes you care about, or as a record for your New Year commitment.

5. Be A Better Boss of Your Life

Seth Godin said, “The world’s worst boss – That would be you. If you had a manager that talked to you the way you talked to you, you’d quit. If you had a boss that wasted as much of your time as you do, they’d fire her. If an organization developed its employees as poorly as you are developing yourself, it would soon go under.”

I cannot agree more. Even if you’re not self-employed, we manage our career, our responses, our time, our money, and what we pay attention to. We also manage our education and the way we talk to ourselves.

When we know we should sleep earlier, workout more and eat healthier, why are we not doing it yet? Is this the issues of the “manager”, or the “employee”?

When we know it‘s time to move on and find a better next-step for your career but you never feel motivated to polish your resume, who are you asking for permission to just start looking for new opportunities?

When we are constantly complaining about how our day doesn’t work the way we wish it to be, are we reinforcing that message to our brain when we speak and listen to ourselves so we feel even less productive?

The bottom line is, you have TONS of hidden talents that are worth sharing with the world!

You deserve to feel AMAZING at what you do.

And the choice is in your hands! Start nurturing your passions and purpose, and not only you‘ll feel more fulfilled in the process, but the expansion of your influence and engagement with the world would also be your happy rewards.