Finally, we are coming to the final month of the year 2018.

Are you feeling excited? relieved? Anxious about what will come next?

Ride the Wave Dec 18

Change is definitely in the air, whether it’s on a personal level, on a collective consciousness level, on the technological breakthrough level, or on the global economy level.

We are all preparing, in fact, anticipating for its arrival.

Unless you are already in your 90s or you‘ll hide inside a cave for the rest of your life, all of these changes in the coming 3-5 years will definitely rock our world and shake our existing understandings, beliefs and habits.

Even the senior citizens in rural China can now understand how to pay with their eWallets, shop online and video-calling their grandchildren via the internet.

What movies have shown us decades ago on how our future will look like, they are becoming real. Like the human-made DNA edited babies are born – very terrifying, but we all know it’s been technically viable for quite a while. Or maybe we can even relocate to Mars not too long later!

They say it’s a sink or swim game. AI will revolutionize how we work, how we live, and basically how we behave in our day-to-day operations, to the grander scheme of how the human race is going to sustain our lives on earth.

But no matter what, the common denominator of all these changes, is us, the human beings.

Collectively, if we dedicate our efforts and intelligence towards making the world a better place to live in, and see humanity as one, our future will definitely be bright and hopeful.

Individually, when each of us comes back to our centre of being, to reconnect with our inner truth and higher purpose, we can lead a life with ultimate freedom, liberating our true identities and potentials on earth.

If 2018 is a year of awakening, then in 2019 we are building and re-establishing a whole new world (Enter Aladdin~~)

Therefore, in the midst of changes, STAY CENTRED.

Your CLARITY is in the centre.

The eye of the storm is the most peaceful of all.

Be present. 

Do one thing at a time, with exceptional quality.

Focus on making just one step of progress. And leverage with the momentum you‘ve built.

Let go of the idea to have it all NOW – you can have it all, one at a time.

Make choices that give you the best vitality, sanity and space to let the real you shine.

It’s like when we are floating in a borderless sea, it’s easy to lose our sense of direction.
And then we might start to question ourselves:

Where exactly are we heading? 
Where is the land, which I cannot see any? 
What am I doing here, wasting my precious time wandering aimlessly?!

To see far, we need to rise above the horizon.

Are you riding on a submarine? Sure, lots are happening undercurrent which is worth noticing.

But what if we are willing to rise above the waves, and go to a light tower to understand from the grander perspective?

And only by then, with the new CLARITY, we can come back feeling prepared, and able to train ourselves through riding on smaller waves around us -at work, in our personal lives, and between our precious relationships.

Therefore, the monthly guide I’ve prepared for you this month, is all about CLARITY.

How many times a day when people ask you questions, you respond with “I don’t know”?
Sometimes it’s true. But more often it’s just an easy response, not a REAL response.

You always know what you truly desire.
You always know your purpose in life.
You always know what 
fulfills you and excites you.

But sometimes you feel like they are inconvenient. These answers are buried in your heart, but you forget where you put the key!

So let’s clear up the clutter, so that the door to your heart is always crystal clear.

Here comes the Clarity Spiral Journaling – A simple and visually engaging way to reflect + goal setting.

Whether you like or hate journaling, I created this method called Spiral Journaling Method that activates both the left + right brain so you’ll find journaling simple, holistic and SO powerful! 

You can understand how it works here

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt in turbulence times is – When the waves come, RISE above them, and RIDE with them!

Riding the waves takes loads of courage, and trust – because when we are nervous, fearful and tense, we become dense and will naturally sink.

Yet if we become one with the change itself, our resiliency and flexibility will get us to the other side.

Change is the eternal constant. Cliche, but how many people can really embrace changes and leverage them to their best advantage? 

I know you can. I have confidence in you! 


Do you feel called to take a big leap? Apply to work with me 1:1 !

Keep shining your light – the world needs your brilliance!!!

Ponny Lam xo
Purpose Coach + Career Educator