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Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will and Productivity

Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will = Not Getting Things Done? Willpower in Human Design: Undefined Will & Relation to Productivity   In Human Design, one of the most powerful motors is the Will/Heart center. It governs our willpower, our... Read More

January 2019: Plan That Works!

Researches show consistently that 15th January is usually the time when most people give up on their new year resolutions. Because? It’s the same LIST carried forward every year anyway!!! Get up 1 hour earlier to workout and go to bed... Read More

Ready To Grow Your Impact? 5 Actions To Start (+ Useful Tools)

What do you do when you come across an inspiring piece of writing or video online? You Google that person‘s name. That‘s it. Then, when you Google your own name, what do you get? Here‘s Come Your Personal Branding 101... Read More

June’s Guide: How To Overcome Procrastination And Get Stuff Done

A Written Guide For Multi-Passionates by a Recovering Procrastinator Monthly Career Mini-Guide Series – August 18 Answer me first – Do you have more than ONE browser tabs opened right now? How many? 9? 17? 23? 52??? Same here! And... Read More

Going to Work on Monday With These 3 Productivity Tricks

  Do you drag going to work on Monday mornings? Are you one of the walking zombies who feel tired all day long? Here are 3 simple tricks to boost your energy level and stay motivated: Here are 3 simple... Read More