Black Friday is coming!

Have you started researching the best offers in town, reading every holiday gift guide you can found, and preparing your to-buy list?

Although I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, in Asia we’ve just experienced a HUGE online shopping event on 11 Nov.

So I get it – the entire sales season feels like a shopping party on its own!

The glory of buying a hearted item at a bargain, and the excitement of grabbing the biggest coupon, or to win the first-come-first-serve items is like a fun game that makes everything seems so irresistible!

I’m not sure if shopping can really be used as “therapy”, although having been living in Hong Kong for so long where we’re surrounded by shopping malls (I have a mega-mall 5 minutes by walk from home), and with a bunch of shopaholic friends (lol), I understand it’s just PSYCHOLOGY.

I’m an advocate of staying purposeful in whatever we do – and how we shop is definitely an important way that we VOTE with our money.

Now give it a second thought – What exactly are we buying?

Pieces of jewellery, Home Decor items, Personalised Gifts: You are buying beauty, and joyful experiences, for you or others

Spa, travel, skincare: pampering yourself, a.k.a. Self-Love

Eatables and dining coupons: Health, enjoyment, fun social encounters

Electronics: Efficiency, the latest trend, refinement

Books, Info Products: You are buying new knowledge, inspirations, and personal growth

The Holiday Gift Guide – By EMOTIONS

In short, you are buying:

  • Happiness
  • Inspirations
  • A better quality of life
  • A better future
  • A better you and
  • HOPE

Then, with these end-goals in mind, now reassess the items you are going to buy – can they fulfil those purposes?

Are these goods tested on aminals, manage sweat factories to keep the costs low, use non-necessary chemicals and additives, environmentally un-friendly, or simply not worth the price?

Apologize if I’ve just poured cold water on your shopping appetite but I feel the need to remind you this, which you already know.

Because I don’t want you to get buyer’s remorse – which you’ll get excited of the first 2 hours when you click the buttons (that’s just dopamine working in your brain girl), and create some clutters for your sacred home space.

And I’m definitely not judging anyone, because apparently, I’m writing this note to remind myself of the exact same thing lol

Enjoy your holidays, and spend wisely!