Career Reboot Intensive



Doing What You Love Has Never Been This Achievable!
Together, I'll Help You Develop:

A Re-connection With Your Inner GPS

You ALWAYS know what you want deep in your heart.

Together we’ll rekindle that internal connection so you’ll gain the clarity of your visions, passions, and your zones of genius, and you can leverage the unique combo of what you’ve got to make the world a better place.

A New Career Story That You Feel Excited To Share

Storytelling is the best way to express who you are, and get yourself memorable. I’ll help you rewrite the storyline of your career development so it makes sense to you and to others, while cleverly connecting your past adventures to who you want to become next on the identity level.

Career Winning Skills & Strategies

I teach you how to fish. Eventually, I want you to be able to stand on your own feet.  So I’ll teach you all the insider tidbits to save you tons of time in experimenting through trial and error, and we’ll predict where you’ll encounter internal and external roadblocks, and map out the strategies beforehand.


Hi! I’m Ponny.

As a Purpose Coach & Career Strategist, I help ambitious and purpose-driven women reconnect with their deepest truth and power, so that they can radiate and leverage their potentials and together, we can make the world a better place.

Activating quick breakthrough is my forte with my unique blend of practical strategies, empathetic guidance, body-mind-emotion integration and gentle-and-firm style of leadership.

See me as your Personal Trainer for your career transformation and I’ll train you up intensely for your career 6-pack! Expect to see a BRAND NEW person after our experience together that you will be so confident in yourself that you won’t even recognise!

You’ve Reached That Point for Metamorphosis – Get Ready!

Reboot Your Career Intensive

US$ 788 / 2 Deep Dive Workshops + 12-Week Support

In the 1st 3-hour session, we’ll dive deep and help you gain clarity and confidence by exploring:

  • Your Unique Job Fulfilment Indicators
  • Pattern Mapping of Your Past Career Successes and Hiccups
  • Strength Analysis & Flipping Your Weakness/Quirkiness Into Gold
  • Mental Blocks That Are Getting In Your Way
  • Your Visions, Missions, Values, and Brainstorm For Your Career Possibilities

Then in the 2nd 3-hour session, we’ll formulate strategies and empowered action plans on:

  • Your Market Re-Positioning, Skill Gap Analysis & Finding Your Path of Least Resistance
  • Personal Rebranding  – A New Career Story that Connects The Dots
  • Building A Feasible Pivot Plan That Excites You & Builds Momentum
  • Mindset Shifts and Psychological Preparation To Lead Your Through The Muddy Transition
  • Tactics On Job Interviewing, Networking And Cold-Reaching Fellows In The Field You Are Entering

Rebranding and Re-Polishing of ALL of Your Career Marketing Materials Including Resume, Cover Letter, Linkedin Profile And Personal Website/Portfolio (if any)

Subsequent Weekly Assignments x 6 Weeks To Strengthen Your Skills, Mindset, Confidence And Motivation

3 Months of Email/Messaging Support On Job Search, Interview Preparation, and Salary Negotiation (Responding within 24 hours)