What is your theme for the new year?

Mine is “To Lead”. For the last 2 years, my theme was Freedom.
The freedom to use my time according to my wish, to choose work I love and that allows me to express my genius, and to choose people I love to work within an environment that makes me feel comfy.

The freedom to be ME. Totally.

Which involves tons of un-learning, un-conditioning, shedding skins, and healing old wounds.

The self-discovery, and individualization journey heading back to my genuine essence. Which was exactly what I needed to find the way back to myself.

So I experimented with lots of new adventures, challenging the normal understanding of how we are supposed to “making a living” that freaks everyone out, and eventually quitted the comfort of a cubicle-bounded day job and go all-in to pursue my career purpose education + coaching practice.

Having the courage to do this is extremely liberating, and the newfound freedom is very addicted I have to say.

As if when you feel suffocated by all the BS rules you were told by the societies which no longer fit in the era we currently live in, and this FREEDOM TO BE YOURSELF is the fresh air you desperately need in order for your soul to continue its existence, one breath at a time.

However, the addiction to freedom sometimes means my inner rebellious teenager (who have never rebelled when she was 15) is taking the driver’s seat in my life, who loves to engage in ruthless risk-taking, and forget about everyone else involved.

Because life is not really about ‘following your heart” every moment.
A child is always following her heart and play as she wants, and expects to be fed and cared for whenever she wishes.

As an adult, and a PARENT OF MY BUSINESS, I have the responsibility to feed and nurture my work so it grows healthily and eventually be able to be independent and shine on its own.

That’s why in 2019, my theme is all about LEADERSHIP – to lead by being the person whom the 2018-me would admire!

  • The version of me who shows up daily regardless of how I feel VS I wait until I feel “ready” and “inspired”.
  • The version of me who chooses to step up a little outside of my comfort zone everyday VS retreat back inside of my cave and use “healing” as an excuse not to take actions.
  • The version of me who knows 30 years from now, I’m not going to freak out when retiring like my parents who live paycheck-to-paycheck. Because I ‘ve already built my own self-sustaining “food garden” who WORKS for me, not the other way round.
  • The version of me who knows for sure that on my deathbed, I’d be overflown with gratitude that I’ve already lived out my higher purpose on earth, and that I have no regrets whatever.

More importantly, I owe nothing to the Higher Creator who designed my life in the first place, because instead of living small, I’ve led a life of courage, maxed out my fullest potentials in varies ways I could possibly think of, and influenced many others who are destined to cross my path in their lifetimes.

It’s up to me to Live by Example.

It’s up to me to show the way for others who desire the same but did not know how.

It’s up to me to embody my new found truth of who I am, and radiate like a lighthouse in the seemingly endless dark waves at night, to give permissions and hope for those who have the hunger to do the same to step up.

It’s up to me, and it’s up to you to lead the way.

Are you the leader of your life, in whatever big and small ways?

And I’m curious, what is your theme for 2019? Please share with me 🙂