Planet Earth Is Shutting Down to Recover


How are you?

I hope the coronavirus and its impact hasn’t brought too much panic to your life just yet.

Something for sure though, what is happening in the world reminds us how closely connected we are with the Universe, in every breath we take.

We are all under the same sun, so collectively we are all in this together.

There is no way to deny it anymore like, claiming global warming is fake, or not admitting that the way we live is sustainable for humans, for other species on earth, and mother nature itself.


Are We In Here To Compete, Or Collaborate?

Our ancestors lived in tribes; Individuals choose to stay together so we can collaborate and leverage the benefits of the division of labour.

With an abundance mentality, the more we create, the more we CAN create.

When we collaborate and share our responsibilities, and hence resources, we allow the right people to specialise in what they do best, so they can then share their rewards with others, in exchange for something useful that others contributed and created.

On the other hand, inevitably, when people come together, they will compete.

With the belief in lack, the more people sharing the same pizza, the smaller slice you’ll get. Resources are limited, at least in a short while, so if you are too slow in the hunting game, you’ll lose the game and feel left out!

So our survival instincts are re-activated. They have been protecting our ancestors for centuries, which can be a powerful 24/7 surveillance system in us to detect danger, induce fear and steer us into the right direction to safeguard our boundaries.

But who is in charge? You or the alarm?

Of course, it’s easier said than done to stay calm amidst the storm!


What does it take to stay calm amidst the storm?

Feeling calm is a state where:

  • Nothing stirs your emotions, nothing triggers your past unhealed woundings, or your negative imagination towards the future (i.e. anxiety).
  • You feel in control, even when there are lots of external circumstances that are outside of your realm
  • You believe things will be sorted out eventually, and you believe in your ability to sort things out because everything is figure-out-able (as Marie Forleo coined it)
  • You know you are well-supported, because you have been consciously building your RESERVES, and preparing for times like this:


Your RESERVE in health, and vitality.

Your RESERVE in resources, cashflow, sources of income, and wealth.

Your RESERVE in positivity.

Your RESERVE in spirituality.

Your RESERVE in knowledge, and rationality.

Your RESERVE in life lessons learnt.

Your RESERVE in human network.

Your RESERVE in grit and resilience.

And of course, your RESERVE in groceries items (just enough to cover basic needs) and surgical masks 😂

How can one sit still to meditate, when you’re already using the 2nd last toilet roll at home?

How can one feel safe and steady and grounded, when you have nothing to pour from your empty cup?


Which makes me reflect:

Have I been giving enough training to myself, and pouring enough nurturing on and investment in myself, so that when others are at stake and feel shaken, I can still act from a place of abundance, with the capacity to provide, share and lead?


In times of chaos, the worst side of humanity surfaces.

In times of crisis, the bright side of humanity also arises.

Duality or not, I still believe there are many good Samaritans around.

I’m very grateful that many heart-centred enterprises in town are standing tall and rising above challenges to help source supplies for our people when our government is no-longer putting citizens first.

I’m so moved and thankful that despite the crisis we all foresee coming, I’m lucky enough to witness the bright side of humanity that common people in the neighbourhood are helping out each other and collaborate like never before.

If there is no shut down of X, we might never realise how reliant we have been to a single source of the provider (which can be factories/ income/ clients), just as putting all eggs into the same basket.

It’s time to review our daily lives, and re-adjust how we can operate our lives, and OURSELVES, in a more sustainable, and diversified way, according to our unique nature.


Are You Operating At Your Best?

I speak to a lot of people who are passionate at what they do, but are operating on a survival level, or riding on adrenaline or inspiration alone…

Knowing who you are, and how to operate yourself to the best as you can IS YOUR UPMOST RESPONSIBILITY.

It takes loads of self-understanding, and the WILLINGNESS to rise above your natural tendency (aka comfort zone), for you to take back the driver’s seat of your life.

Human Design is my go-to tool to dive deep and investigate the What, Why, and How of who I am, so that I’d understand my design, like reading a user manual.

One of my teachers, Karen Curry Parker, shared with us these 9 resiliency keys, which show us in every choice point in life, how we can bring more awareness to our consciousness, so that we can act from love, not fear:

The 9 Resiliency Keys:

  1. What needs to be released/healed for me to allow myself to be loved fully?

  2. What needs to be released/healed for me to fully activate my personal power?

  3. What fears need to be released so that I can move forward?

  4. What needs to be released/healed in order for me to make a strong choice?

  5. What emotions need to be experienced/heard/understood for me to have clarity?

  6. What needs to be released/healed for me to trust myself?

  7. What needs to be released/healed for me to fully activate my vitality and energy?

  8. What needs to be released/healed for me to fully express the truth of who I am?

  9. What needs to be released/healed for me to truly experience my preciousness?


Allow these questions to sink in, and see what comes up throughout the day. You might be surprised when the answers pop up!

Sending you all peace, love and healing in this time of uncertainties.

With love,