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August: Career Freedom Guide

Can We Invoke FUN Into Our Work?

Happy August! How’s your summer going?

I really miss my summer holidays back in the school days – the fun and openness for having the free time to explore, to travel, and to do something different.

Are you able to initiate a relaxing summer holiday for yourself this year?

As adults, we need the time and space to PLAY too 🙂

career playbook playfulness workcareer playbook playfulness at work

When was the last time you allow yourself to play like a child – that you are just fascinated about what’s in front you, without caring about the results or how others perceive you at all?

Do you allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes, without beating yourself up?

Are you following your child-like curiosity to explore and discover the fun part of your everyday life?

Do you allow yourself to share and express in an authentic, heartfelt way?

At work, are you operating from a place of “do less, make fewer errors”,  or because what you do will bring a smile to you and to others?

A Career Playbook for Adding Playfulness To Work

Career topics can be boring…until they are not!

If you are feeling “meh” at your current job ,but for whatever reason, you are seeing yourself spending a few more weeks in here, this career playbook is designed to help you re-vitalise, re-energise and shake up your vibes at work 🙂

Ask yourself these questions and use the summer time to refresh how you are approaching your work and life.

In particular, if you are feeling bored at your role but not leaving too soon, this month’s Career Mini Guide is a Career Playbook to help you shake up the vibes at work!

Yes! Bring Me To The Career Playbook