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What Is Money Anyway? A Quick Money Mindset Discussion

When we talk about career freedom and happiness, money plays a big role in it. Yet, money topics are so seldomly discussed other than from the Personal Finance angle.
If we see this from a broader sense of how money flows around the world and throughout our everyday activities, what EXACTLY money represents?

Now before we dive in, complete these 2 sentences:

Money is_________
Rich People are ___________

What words or phrases pop up to your mind within the first 5 seconds?

Your first answers reveal your (hidden) beliefs about money.

Some common anwsers:

  • Money is a tool
  • Money is evil
  • Money is energy (a popular thought in the woo community)

These are all analogies, so let me share another analogy with you:

Money is TRUST.


You see, when we are using a piece of printed paper that has no actual intrinsic value, signing off with a plastic card or simply click a “buy now” button on a screen, in exchange we can get the physical products home.

How enormous the amount of trust would be required for this to happen?

I’ve shared deeper thoughts in this VIDEO below.

Watch it till the end since my call to action to you is very very important. And I’d appreciate your thoughts!