//Untangle Your Life//

While doing my mid-year decluttering, I found some neglected accessories sitting neatly inside a 4×6 partitioned jewelry box, tangled.(what kind of description is it – neatly tangled?!!)

The first thought that came to my mind was, “What have I done?”😭 And then I feel excitedly challenged. What’s more fun than untangling some shit I’ve done in the past and to straighten them up again?

The untangling process itself is a mindful practice – you might experience some frustration, impatience, feel like giving up and just throw the entire thing away. And observing yourself being troubled emotionally by such a trivial thing is fun to watch😂

It’s like we have some really complicated sticky issues in our lives; we wish there is a magic wand that Voila~🔮 the problems are made disappeared in a blink.

But the learning lies in the untangling process

First we seek more light and clarity into the entire situation (like don’t block the sunlight from the window by turning your back to it😂), then we identify where the knots are, and start with the smaller ones.

We might create some new knots while untangling, which makes the process non-linear – 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of feeling. But sometimes it is indeed part of the route.

And very soon we find patterns – and why they were clustered together in the first place. Until we can identify the root cause, the same shit will happen again and again until we master the lessons.

The final step is a habit change.

Setting clear boundaries for each item is easy when decluttering. The habit of putting them back in the right place takes some effort to train ourselves doing so.

What are you untangling in your life?