The WORDS we choose have enormous power to shape how we think.

one word to take back your powerone word to take back your power

When you can put the right word to describe a complex feeling or abstract concept concretely, it makes a paradigm shift.

And suddenly, the solutions and possibilities are falling into your lap out of nowhere.

‘One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.’ – Jack Kerouac

Like, one of my clients has been beating himself up for not following through consistently.

  • Is it a motivation issue? (Do you want to?)
  • Is it an energy issue? (Are you able to?)
  • Or is it a different work style preference? (Like you love ruminating your thoughts over time instead of chasing the excitement of crossing it off your to-do list)

Solve the right problem, always.

Another example is, I always heard people refer their supervisors at work as their “BOSS“.

But WHO IS THE BOSS anyway?

That supervisor is just your coworker who so happen takes up the role as the lead of the team. if there are no team members, there would not be a place for a leader.

The CEO is just a salaried staff, another vulnerable human being who could be let go just next week, crying at home figuring out what to do next.

And even the owner of the company could be facing huge financial stress to keep the jobs of their employees when the business is not doing well.

We are all equal. As human beings, we all have stresses, worries, fears, things that we love to do, and things that we hate to handle.

No one is ever your “boss”, unless you agree to surrender your the driver seat voluntarily.

Don’t contribute your effort in the form of uncoincous slavary, because by doing this, you give dictatorship the room to grow, whether within and outside the office.

More importantly, stop looking up for others to give you directions, to guide you, while giving away your personal power and priorities.

Sure you can absorb like a sponge and learn whatever you like that inspires you.

But ultimately what stays, you decide.

When you squeeze the sponge, what stays?

When life stresses you out, what stays?

Only those that align with your core values.

So ask yourself:

💣Are you working for companies who have missions you believe in?
💣Does your work fascinates you and gives you the challenge and fulfillment you seek? .
💣Are you making decisions and taking actions because it is the right thing to do, not just because you are told?

You ALWAYS have the final say.

👄Taking back your personal power begins at your language.

Notice what comes out from your mouth in your daily conversation – are you disempowering yourself day by day without knowing?

“I have no choice.”

“There’s no way out.”

“It’s killing me.”

“Life isn’t fair.”

“Why me?!?!” .

Words to take back your power?

How about shifting your language to:

“I choose/decide to make this happen no matter what.”

“Everything is figure-out-able (credit to Marie Forleo’s mum).”

“I am a strong person who would only grow stronger through challenges.”

“Life is full of grace.”

“I’m the chosen one to stand tall and thrive.”

Notice how you feel differently as you are reading this.


Be the light you wish to see in the darkness.

Be the change when this world is falling apart.

Be the chosen one who lead by example.

By the way, why aren’t you think you are the chosen one?

P.S. For ‘bosses’ who are reading this, consider unlinking your self-worth to your job title – because the work you do changes over time, so does your identity!

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