Feeling stuck in a job yet not sure what else is possible?

Actively start your job hunting like a game!

I see browsing through career sites as Window Shopping and getting to job interviews like trying on a dress in the fitting room to see if it fits.

So why not? You only buy when you truly find what you’re after.

Why Start Job Hunting Before You Are Ready To Leave

In fact, the job hunting process is a wonderful learning experience plus market research that give us excellent feedback on:
1. What the job market is looking for in talents and what is in demand
2. How can you market yourself better and improve your visibility so recruiters can find you?
3. How other companies do things differently and with different cultures
4. What qualities do I look for who is eligible to be my next leader at work?😎 Even when you don’t have plans to change your job in a short period, putting yourself out there could expose you to even better opportunities than you realise!

Because most people would procrastinate and only begin job hunting when they feel low, unhappy and desperate. But when you start opening yourself up for opportunities while feeling pretty secure, immediately your energy stand out from the crowd!

So my advice is, don’t wait until jon hunting become a necessary act to do it; Keep “window shopping” every 6 months to see what’s new in the market!

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