Confidence Boosters job Interviewing DayConfidence Boosters job Interviewing

How to Have Radiating Confidence In Job Interviews?

Myth: The best person for the job gets the offer
Reality: It is the person who performs the best in the interview gets the offer.

Don’t you think it is quite ridiculous? I mean, an employer invested many resources finding the right candidate, but end up getting someone who is only the most persuasive. Therefore as a job applicant, you should be fully aware that if you can get interview invitations, they think you are capable for the job. You just have to be the most persuasive one to get them hire you.

Are You Nervous About Job Interviews? Some Fact Checks

Fact #1: You already have what it takes for the job!

Because, if not, you would not be invited for interviews! Remember your resume could only get you an interview opportunity, and whether to get a job offer or not would depend on your interview performance. Now, it is your show time to let them know how great you are!

Fact # 2: You body signals mean you are EXCITED

Your mind, as well as your body, is very powerful, and they are connected. So when you care so much about this important meeting, your body responses with a faster heartbeat, sweating palms, and butterflies in your stomach. Recognise that these are just signals from your body that it is getting excited. Your body just wants to prepare you to perform your best. Be thankful for such a healthy body that is always supportive!

Eric Edmeades said, “Nervousness is excitement with negative expectations.” He explained very clearly on this body signal in THIS VIDEO.

Fact # 3: Interviewing is just a conversation!

Interviewing is just the conversation between 2 human beings to exchange information and feelings on the context of a job opening. And therefore, be genuine, be your BEST self (that is no self-defeating), be interested in your interviewer and the company, and the most importantly, be a good conversationalist that people enjoy talking to.

3 Confidence Boosters on the Interviewing Day

#1: Acting “As If”

Start with visualising a movie in your head where you were having a smooth, happy conversations with your interviewers. You speak fluently with confidence, and they listen with a satisfied smile. You extend a powerful handshake to seal the conversation. Take note of how that make you feel, and act as if this had already happened. Stand tall, and put a confident smile on your face. Trust yourself that after rehearsing so many times during preparation as well as inside your head, you can nail that job interview!

#2: Power Poses

Now you arrived the meeting place. Moreover, if you arrive early, you can excuse yourself to the washroom to calm your nerves.
The Power Poses were introduced by a Harvard social psychologist Amy Cuddy, who gave a Ted Talk in 2012 and explained the scientific evidence that is standing or sitting in a certain way, even for just two minutes, could effectively lower your stress hormones.

All the power poses involve opening up your chest and occupying more space around you to have the feeling that you are in control. Do one of these poses for 2 minutes privately, and you will feel better.

power poses

#3: “The Magical Door Frame” Technique

This technique is inspired by the Chinese Opera performance, where performers would go through a Tiger Gate when they enter and leave the stage. In that few seconds, they will forget who they are and immerse themselves fully into the characters. It is like a ritual before role-play.

magical door frame confidence technique
So when you step into the building of where the interview is going to take place, imagine you are going through a Magical Door Frame, and tell yourself,

“In the coming 60 minutes or so, I will show whomever I meet my top 3 competencies (which are most relevant to the job), namely: (for example)
I am a powerful communicator!
I am a masterful project manager!
As a creative problem solver, my core strength is to find solutions outside of the box!”

Our attention spans are very limited, for both the interviewers and the candidates. So this technique helps you concentrate on only three key points during interviews and guide the direction of your answers.

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