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How to Use Linkedin as Your People Research Tool

How to Leverage Linkedin Research in Your Next Job Application Before applying for any job position, do you google the company and see if it fits your interest and competencies? Most people do. To stand out from the crowd, conducting... Read More

Job Search With NLP Mind Power: Secret Revealed

  When it comes to job search, have you ever wonder why getting job offers are so difficult, even though you are smart and talented? You have¬†read tons of “hacks” on how to crack a job interview, but when you... Read More

How to Follow Up With Interviewers Without Sounding Needy?

Recently I got questions from students on how should they approach your interview follow up when it has been 1-2 weeks after the last interview session. I hear you. The interview went well, and the hiring manager promised to get... Read More

1 Simple Trick to Transform Your Job Hunt Progress

Have you ever encountered this embarrassing situation? You’ve got a call to invite you for an interview; while feeling very excited, you forgot what that job was about… What’s worse, when you tried to revisit the job advertisement, the page... Read More