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Who Are “Non-Essential”? Who Decides?

There was a time when my workplace was in the basement of a hotel. With no windows and no access to the sky view, every morning I sneaked in through a backstreet staff entrance, walked down the humid corridor with... Read More

To Quit, Or Not to Quit? [Infographic]

To quit or not to quit, this is the question. We, humans, make decisions based on 2 directions: Either to MOVE AWAY from something we don’t want or to MOVE TOWARDS things we desire. When it comes to making a... Read More

Are You In The Wrong Job? 3 Reflective Questions To Remove Your Job Frustration

  Are You In The Wrong Career, Or Simple Burnt Out? Job Frustration of the young, aspiring professionals Time flies. It’s graduation season again and when you see college students on the street, you feel like you are getting old faster... Read More

Job Search With NLP Mind Power: Secret Revealed

  When it comes to job search, have you ever wonder why getting job offers are so difficult, even though you are smart and talented? You have read tons of “hacks” on how to crack a job interview, but when you... Read More