Career Freedom Training – Day 3

3-Day Career Freedom Training
by Ponny Lam

DAY 3: I Hate My Job But I Need The Paycheck!

Why You Are Never Stuck In Your Circumstances

And the story of the Baby Elephant 🙂

The Emotions of Stuck-ness And Why They Limit How You Think

Hint – They are all heavy, low-vibe emotions that weight you down

How To Hack Your Brain Instead To Get Out of This Emotional Prison

Simple daily hacks to turn your mind in an ally, not the enemy!

Day 3’s Actions:

  1. Plan a solo getaway to free your mind!
  2. Use visualisation/imagination to open yourself up with new perspectives e.g. what if you were living on a new planet?
  3. Take low-risk and low-cost experiments to test out your career ideas!
  4. Stop saying dis-empowering statements like “I don’t know.”, “There’s no way out.” >> They are simply NOT TRUE!

Your Next Step?

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