Career Freedom Training – Day 2

3-Day Career Freedom Training
by Ponny Lam

DAY 2: How To Know What I Really Want?

Why Your Previous Careers Did Not Work Out

You might have several career pivot attempts in the past but still, you haven’t found “the one” career that makes you truly happy – because you could have been looking it in the wrong place!

Finding Your Reason For Being

The Japanese Ikigai concept is the best in explaining how to find meaningful and fulfilling work for you & for others in a holistic approach.

Uncovering Your Strengths, Passions, Missions

Exercises and Downloadable Workbook to help you find yours – even if you think you don’t have these at all!

Day 2’s Homework:

  1. Complete the Workbook (Download below)
  2. Plot your Strengths, Passions & Mission onto the Venn/Flower Diagram
  3. Print it out, and stick it on your wall to remind yourself what you value the most in life!

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