Career Freedom Training – Day 1

3-Day Career Freedom Training
by Ponny Lam

DAY 1: How To Find A Career That Actually Fits Me?

Why You Need To Find Meaning In What You Do

There’s nothing wrong with you if you feel what you want is different than those around you!

6 Essential Components For Fulfilling Work

a.k.a. the Work Fulfillment Blossom 🙂

Your Unique Formula For Work That Fuels You

How to find your UNIQUE work style that set your soul on fire!

Day 1’s Homework:

Take the Quiz, read the report, and reflect on the below –

  • Which keywords/ statements resonate the most with me? Why?
  • Looking back at my past career experiences, what are the common themes?
  • What activities at work that bring me the most joy? List at least 5!

I'll See You Tomorrow!