Career Pivot Bootcamp

Career Pivot Bootcamp:
15 Days To Reinvent Your Career Future!

You know it's time for a change when...


…Every morning when your alarm rings,
you feel like throwing it out the window!


…No matter how hard you try to be “professional”, you’ve lost the mojo and find it hard to motivate yourself in bringing your A game to work.


…The longer you stay in your job, the more stuck and frustrated
you feel, ” Why am I still wasting my time here?!”



Every time when you think of leaving your consistent paycheck, familiar work environment and the foundation you’ve built in this workplace, your heart is racing:

What if I can’t make it?

What if I found out that the grass isn’t greener on the other side?

What if I’ll end up sleeping on the street?

But right now, you are so busy meeting your daily obligations, fulfilling the expectations of others that you don’t have much time and energy left to live LIFE.

Basically, you’re too busy BEING busy that you don’t have the head + heart space to seriously plan your next step.

Sounds Like You?


I get it, because I've been there...more than once.

Hi, I’m Ponny.

From climbing up the corporate ladder to working for non-profits;

from a 9-9 loyal employee to a side-hustler;

from getting PAID to travel internationally to starting a location-free business from scratch;


These experiences of PIVOTS enriched my Career Portfolio,
and help me redefine my “Career Path”…

The only constant in our career is "TO CREATE", and the job we take is just a platform for us to express our genius!

Which is why I'm so passionate about bringing this exciting training to you!

A 2-Week Course to Pivot Your Career!!

Career Pivot Bootcamp

Together we’ll build a Pivot Plan that excites you, and one that works!

Each day you’ll receive a new tool for you to grow towards your vision.
With the snowball effect, you’ll go from feeling overwhelmed, to having laser-focus with confidence to bring your career next step to life!

By The End of the Program, You'll Be Able To:

  • Concretely identify where your next career destination is with LASER CLARITY of how to get there


  • Develop an integrative, actionable transition plan that you feel TURNED ON to implement!


  • Release all unnecessary baggages, expectations from others, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back


  • Build the momentum, the discipline and the inner strength to carry out daily actions which could feel unfamiliar to you.


  • Utilise both Logic + Intuition to guide you through all the big and small decision-making in the entire process.


  • Feel Empowered and Confident to walk that path of change, one step at a time!


Ponny brings a unique and valuable perspective through a highly-refined approach. I had a consultation with her at a time when I was at a crossroad and unsure of what direction to take in my career. Ponny’s background in Human Resources means that her approach mixes a firm understanding of business issues with a great aptitude to detect individual development paths. I can’t stress enough how relevant her analysis and advice were in getting through the bottom of my issues and providing me with options to solve them in a constructive manner.

When I first started working with Ponny, all I want was just about switching my profession to follow my childhood passion. I didn't expect that the inner work and mindset to be that important in the process - and they totally transformed how I see myself, my self-worth, my confidence level, and refreshed my perspective in other areas in life! Ponny is an excellent teacher and she is always warm, empowering, and full of wisdom; Every time I chat with her, she never ceases to amaze me with her depth of insights! Highly recommend her to those who need both grounded strategies and spiritual alignment in their transformation.

The Battlefield Is In Your Heart & Mind

You could have already read every single article on earth regarding career change, yet still feel overwhelmed by all the moving parts involved in the change process.

Don’t beat yourself up – Because as a mature and responsible adult, it definitely takes more planning and considerations than “just do it”!

Plus, before we can work out a pivot plan that you will feel driven to implement, an important pre-step is to get you READY on the psychological and identity level for all the changes ahead.

This Bootcamp is NOT a cookie-cutter formula.

Although I’ll share with you best practices of what works for me and my clients, it is NOT about following the ABCD steps of an “expert” then you’ll be winning forever.

Instead, we choose the Brain + Heart approach to empower you in making all the small decisions along the way, so that you can make larger life choices that truly feel aligned, and take actions accordingly.

Highway, or Slow Lane?

Why reinvent the wheel to figure out everything on your own? Better choose to FOCUS your precious TIME + ENERGY on bringing your mission to the world!


Estimated Daily Effort: 1 to 1.5 hours

The Career Pivot Bootcamp Curriculum



Build A Strong Foundation To Keep Your Grounded in the Midst of Change!

DAY 1 - Define Your Success With Creative Visioning

Clear your mind and set your intention with a guided visualisation exercise.

DAY 2 - Reconnect With Your Inner Guidance

Find out who you are, what do you stand for, your WHY, your core values, your passions and missions that fuels you along the transformation.

DAY 3 - Discover What Makes You Thrive

Which includes your favourite strengths, your ideal workstyle that brings out the best in you, and how to strengthen the superpowers within you!

DAY 4 - Mindsets That Are Stopping You From Change

Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of commitment, fear of the unknown and how to rewire your brain for success.

DAY 5 - Find Your Decision Making Motor

We all have voices in our head – one is critical and fear-based (aka monkey mind), another is your intuition. Learn to differentiate who is talking at the moment.



Nurture Your Ideas And Water The Seeds!

DAY 6 - Brainstorm Wildly for Your Career Possibilities

Several really powerful exercises to help you open up new possibilities for your path ahead!

DAY 7 - Research, Assess And Narrow Down To One Option

Market Research, prioritize and niche down to one career option for now to test it out

DAY 8 - Find The Path of Least Resistance

Define the scope of your project, find the most straight-forward next-step as your experiment, and set a challenging yet achievable goal in 3 months!

DAY 9 - Mind The Gap

Assess objectively on your current skill level, resources, confidence, and self-image and how are you going to bridge the gap over time + overcoming self-doubts.

DAY 10 - Mindsets Around Money And Abundance

Hardwork = Rewards is a myth. Work smarter, not harder plus get your brain ready to embrace a better, brighter YOU to emerge!



Let Your Vision Unfold And Mature In A Healthy Way!

DAY 11 - Develop Your 1st 90-Day Launch Plan

Strategy + soul-guided action plan and milestone setting.

DAY 12 - Launching With Daily High-Vibe Habits

Launching your plan, and how to incorporate it into your busy life with productivity hacks.

DAY 13 - Networking + How To Market Yourself

We’ll prepare your NEW self-introduction, share tips of Personal Branding renewal, and some hacks to connect you to the right people.

DAY 14 - Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle

Progress over perfection, and prepare ahead how to respond if people discourage you.

DAY 15 - Track, Evaluate & Celebrate!

What get measures get done! You’ll learn how to measure the results in a minimalist style and how to adjust your plans and repeat the entire process again the next time.

Forget about delegating your future to your employers or government for “stability”.

Because no one puts you as their FIRST priority, except you.

And if you don’t, then really, no one will care!

This Career Pivot Bootcamp Is Perfect For You If:

You Have A Rough Idea of Your Next Step

But not sure if that is REALLY what suits you as a career, so you feel it’s a smart move to test it out first before you go all-in, which usually involves a huge investment of time and resources on further education.

You Are Struggling With The HOW

You know what you desire but have no idea or feel overwhelmed about HOW to put your best foot forward to make that happen.

You Don't Want To Figure It Out All On Your Own

You are a natural go-getter – you just need a little push, guidance and experience sharing from those who had succeeded in pivoting to make it feels much easier, and SMARTER.

Every 2 years or so, you feel this strong urge to make a pivot in your career!

Which is perfectly NORMAL for creative beings! And Learning how to pivot becomes a LIFE SKILL that you better master earlier in life to save yourself some headaches!

You Are Committed To Make Yourself Proud On Your Next Birthday!

What will you regret NOT having started on your next birthday? Don’t make it happen, and start now to put your ideas into implementation!

This Is Not For You Right Now If:

You only want a magic wand to take away your problems and not willing to do the work

Sorry, I’m not a magician. It’s YOUR life, so no one else can live your life for you. And the good news is: YOU ARE IN CONTROL! You can definitely change your life when you choose to and dedicate effort and energy into it with the right guidance.

You cannot commit 15 days of focus to bring your Career Freedom Project to life

As I said it’s an immersive program, I need you to invest about an hour or so per day in order for you to get results.

If you feel like “15 days are TOOOO long!”, then be honest with yourself and ask, “How much hunger do you have NOW to bring this desire to life?” Chances are, your DEEPEST desire to change is not on careers, but something else in other areas of your life. Dig deeper, and find that out.

This Program Includes:

15 Days of Bite-Sized Training on Strategy, Mindset And Impactful Exercises

Daily Video Lectures, Audio Lessons, Tools and Workbooks

Unlimited Access To Me via Facebook Messaging Within the 15 days - So whenever you have a burning question, leave a message and I will answer you within 6 hours.

Are You Ready to RESET Your Career and Free Your Life?

(All Prices In US$)

Career Pivot Bootcamp

$ 99 / Self-Paced Course


  • 15 Daily Juicy Training & Exercises
  • Access To All Videos, Tools, Workbooks And Bonus Materials
  • Lifetime Access To The Bootcamp Content and Future Updates



15 Days Are TOOOOO Long. Can I Just Work With You Directly In An More Intensive Schedule?

I get you,  go-getters! You can work with me 1:1 with my Career Reboot Intensive program which consists of 2 Deep-Dive Workshops betweeen me and you to work things out together, followed up by 6-week of dedicated support from me.

When Does the Bootcamp Begin and Finish?

The bootcamp is designed to be completed over 15 days where each day a new module is released. You can start on our own schedule, and finish it at your pace. Once you get to day 15, the content will stay there forever so you can decide to do it all over again when you need that boost!

What Format Is The Bootcamp Delivered In?

Through video, audio and workbook.

Plus, I’ll be hopping on regular video Q&A calls within the group which will also be recorded if you missed one.

There is also an option for you to take up private 1:1 coaching with me if you want exclusive time and support on your project.

What If I Cannot Complete It Within 15 Days? Will I Still Get Access To The Content?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to review and revisit the materials. Building the momentum is important so I really invite you to commit to YOURSELF  in your first attempt 🙂

Can You Guarantee that I'll Get a New Job/Career After Taking Part in this Bootcamp?

As I don’t offer a job-matching platform (maybe one day I will lol) so although I would love to guarantee this I can’t! Besides, there are other factors that could affect the results of your career pivots like the effort you put in, your interviewing skills, and the actual number of openings at any given time in your area etc. Having said that, I am extremely confident that what you’ll learn in the program are LIFE-LONG SKILLS that’ll be the cornerstones of your career growth and development in the long-run.