Uncover Your Deeper Truth – Creative Visualisation

Uncover Your Deeper Truth – A Creative Visualisation

Your emotions are powerful –
Are you using them For you or Against you?

Whether you label them as “positive” emotions or “negative” ones, they are there for a reason.

Most people (including myself) tend to suppress or repress the so-called “negative” emotions over the years, and reject to acknowledge that they are indeed part of who we are as human beings.

We are not robots nor saints; Even the more “enlightened” ones among us would experience the darker, shadow side of us like Anger, Jealousy, Pride, Lust, Greed, Disgust, and Laziness.

Let’s admit it. WE ALL HAVE THEM.

In the human civilisation process, the society (and religions) define what are acceptable behaviours and what are not, make rules on them and educate us to behave ourselves by installing guilt and shame on certain behaviours.

Eventually, even having a thought like that make us feel sinful. Like we are no longer “pure and true”.

Therefore we self-sabotage when they show up.

But if we cannot love who we truly are 100% unconditionally, how can we expect someone else to do the same?!

That’s why I advocate RAW AUTHENTICITY.

When we keep resisting and ignore these parts in us, and utilise our finite energy to fight and suppress them, it would just keep weakening our own power, and distracted us from doing things that are more meaningful and fulfilling.

It is like a country that is constantly on civil wars – economic crashes, ruins are everywhere, and people suffer.

The fact is, all our emotions are important CLUES to the difference between the world we WISH to see versus our current world in reality.

Instead of using “I think I know what is good for me” as an excuse, our Emotions are valuable resources to reveal our truth, and show us what inner conflicts we have that has been blocking us.



Even “bad” emotions have their values

Then, is there a way to transmute these emotional power into something useful?

For example:

Anger when you witness injustice happening >>> It can become your fuel to fight against the bully!

Jealousy when someone else got what you want and you’ve been thinking,” Why not me?!” >>> It inspires you to be the same, in your own way!

Annoyance when people talk fluff, spread mindless false news and gossips >>> A reminder for you to speak up, create valuable content, own your voice, and share your wisdom with others.

Pride when you consider yourself as more successful than others >>> Celebrating success is necessary, and healthy pride boosts your confidence!

Lust, hunger for beautiful, luxurious things, experiences and people >>> Surrounding ourselves with beauty, and indulging ourselves in joyful experiences is a form of self-care.

Greed and laziness when you want to have it all, without moving an inch away from your sofa while watching Netflix >>> If you can find a smart way so that you can become lazy, that’s great!

It’s time to integrate these shadow parts of your being, so you can Embody Your Truth in a holistic way!

If you are ready, I invite you to take on this forest journeying together – a treasure hunt in your subconscious to uncover what untapped power you are hiding!



1. Relax, find a comfortable place with no distractions, and enjoy the forest
journeying with the Uncover Your Truth Meditation MP3 above.

2. After you come back, take notes of all the details, and then fill in this Spreadsheet to jot down all clues that you’ve gathered, and explain what each of them represents when you are done.
(Please “make a copy” of this file and save it to your local
drive before you edit it)

3. Contemplate with what you’ve discovered, and connect the dots of how it
relates to your current perspective of life. If you need further help, feel free to
send me a message at hi@ponnylam.com to discuss further.




Owning Your Truth Is So Liberating!


To More Clarity,

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