Uncover The New You – Beta Launch

4-Week Online Group Transformation For Changemakers

What If You Could...

free yourself from a career rut, and
become the person you always know you could be?

Deep down you might be feeling…

Stuck in a job situation for too long and not knowing how to find a way out

– Lost in finding your purpose, although you know you are meant for something bigger

A  growing sense of guilt and shame caused by your procrastination in making a change

– Overwhelmed by the massive possibilities, risks, career advice, and your Analysis Paralysis

Trust me, I know how that feels. Because I was once EXACTLY where you are for five entire years.

 Hi! My Name Is Ponny.

And in my own career journey, I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING.

I’ve been in seemingly successful jobs where I travelled internationally and had a sea-view corner office on the 60th floor. Yet every morning, I dreaded taking my depleted body to work. I felt like a zombie as my soul died bit by bit, every single day.

I’ve changed professions and experimented with jobs I thought would be a better fit. I’ve even organised a service trip to India and Nepal to see if working for a non-profit was my thing.

How I wished switching careers could be as simple as switching on the light!

The fear, the uncertainty, the analysis-paralysis and the endless conversations inside my head left me frozen, keeping me from moving forward. And the longer I procrastinated, the more guilty and shameful I became.

Because I’d always been a GO-GETTER! But back then, I had no idea WHERE I was going?!

Until I thought, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

At Every Pivotal Point In Your Career, These Questions Would Occupy Your Mind:

“Should I change my profession and follow my childhood passion?”

“Should I quit my corporate job and join the non-profit?”

“Should I start working for myself and become a freelancer?”

“Should I begin a digital nomadic life and travel around the world?”

And “Practical” Concerns:

 ” How do I pay the bills, feed my family and retire my parents if I give up my current stability to start all over again?”

” I’ve already wasted many years of my life doing stuff I hate, and I’m not YOUNG anymore.
What if it is a wrong turn? Who can guarantee?!”

“How could I make it work in the transition process? What if I really get famous and become successful?
How would others see me? “

Here's What I Discovered...

Do You Know what is the No. 1 Reason Why a Career Change Decision Is So Damn Hard?

Is it because of…

Your current skill level?

Your financial situation?

Your courage to take the leap?

Nope. None of the above.

It is the stories we attached to the complex intersection of our career, identity, confidence, life satisfaction, money and purpose that make career decisions very complicated and overwhelming.

But once we untangle our thoughts layer by layer, things start to fall into place.

Just like if the Ugly Duckling never uncovers its true nature, it won’t  fully mature into a beautiful swan, and feel great being one.

 It is only when we feel solid and grounded in who we truly are and why we do what we do – in knowing where we are now and where we want to go – that we can fully, unapologetically embrace our truth.

Yet, this process can be frustratingly lonely and slow if you are on this journey by yourself.

That's Why I've Created this Group Program for You So You Can:

Find Your Why!

Get past your emotional triggers, and discover your deep-rooted why to make that particular change happen.

Connect With Your Genuine Essence!

Understand what makes you YOU, so you can feel empowered and certain for the next massive transformation.

Rewrite Your Identity Stories!

Craft a new “Who am I?” story so you can make the change happen much faster, with less effort.

Be Proud of Your New Self-Introduction!

No more dread when people ask, “So, What do you do?”. We’ll work together to help you craft your new one-liner that you are confident in communicating with your new friends!

Locate Your Destination!

Gain clarity on your Point A (where you are now), Point B (where you want to go), and access the gap in between.

Identify Your Blockers!

Identify your mindset blocks that prevent you from getting there.

Be Confident In Creating Your Future!

With more clarity in what you desire, what you have, and where you want to go, you’ll be grounded with more certainty during your transitional process.

Support From Like-Minded People!

Get access to our private online Facebook group + a community of changemakers stretching, supporting, and cheering to you. Not to mention the relationships you’ll form and keep after the program ends.

My Mission:

I strongly believe that each of us has a calling as unique as a fingerprint, and it’s our life mission to discover and utilise that calling to serve others for the greater good. 


Ponny SH Lam

As a Purpose Coach and Career Strategist, I lead practical dreamers who crave meaningful work, autonomy and creative expression to uncover their purposes and reclaim their superpowers, so that they can launch careers they love with confidence.

For the past 3 years I have been personally guiding career changers from all over the world, through the powerful journey of self-discovery and career transformation.

Known for my empathetic yet practical approach, I blend a unique combination of transformative coaching skills, career strategies, positive psychology and mindset work to break down the complicated career transitions into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

My coaching is not about fixing you or your career, but about remembering that you already know what you want in life – and that you have what it takes to get it. Our journey is just about peeling back all of the layers that are blocking you, and adding fuel to help you achieve your dream faster.

What You'll Learn Week By Week:

Week 1: Finding Your Deepest Why

To make decisions that feel truly aligned with who you are, you’ll need to be crystal clear on what your core values and deepest motivations are. We’ll gain clarity with several deeply insightful reflective exercises to create your SOUL MANDALA – Your Core Value Map For Decision Making.

Week 2 : Your Superpowers, Passions, and Your Ideal Approach To Work

This week we’ll take stock of what you have to help you step into your full power.  You’ll learn about what makes you special, what you care about the most and how you would like to work.

Week 3: Reshaping Your Identity

The most difficult part of a career transition process is accepting a new self-identity. We’ll pull the golden thread from Week 1 & 2 to help reshape the Current You into the Future You. In addition, we’ll help you create New Habits around your new identity.

Week 4: Communicating Your Magic

In this final week, we’ll get you ready to put yourself out there! We’ll work on crafting a new self-introduction so you can confidently show up at networking events and interviews!

This program is for you if:

  • You want to feel excited about your life’s work. You are fueled by a soul-deep impulse for change, but a vague idea of how it could work, and where you are heading.

  • You feel that taking a blink leap is unwise and irresponsible – you need to map out the entire game plan, take slow gradual changes so you can minimize risks and uncertainties.

  • You’ve taken tons of personal development programs, quizzes and read lots of self-help books. You are eager to discover your own unique gifts and talents so you can fully utilise them.

  • You’re ready to tap into your innate resourcefulness to figure things out and get things done, even if you don’t know how to do them at first.

  • You’ve realised that your current “Who am I?” a.k.a. self-doubts, insecurities, and confidence issues are getting in the way of your growth.

  • You believe there is a world of possibility + incredibility out there.

  • You’re ready to stop making excuses. The buck stops here!

Programme Structure:

Weekly Exercises + Audio Training

Live Facebook Q&A Calls (Sundays)

Private Facebook Community Support

"The Path of Least Resistance Always Feels The Best To You." ~Abraham Hicks

4-Week Group Transformation For Changemakers

Your Investment:

USD 259

(Yes – You’ve Saved $200!!!)

Beta Launch: Starting on 31 January 2018!


Not making a decision IS making a decision. If you are somewhere you don’t want to be or in a role that isn’t what you want, it won’t change or improve by simply keeping at it.