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Be Your Best Parent

You Wish You Had

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Imagine How Your World Will Be Like...

If your parents have a “user manual” that came with you when you were born?

👊So that you as a kid got raised according to your individual nature, energy style and strengths, NOT the style of the parents

👊Your parents can have less headache trying to “fix” you and fit you into boxes⠀

👊When the kid feels respected being who you are, your bonding with parents can become much stronger.⠀



No parents are perfect – they did their best according to their own conditioning and limits.

You can have very loving parents and still feel some part of you not acknowledged and fully accepted by them.


And the good news is, you can now reprogram your mind and make that inner child smile again!

Who we are today are very much a combination of both Nature + Nurture.

We have to first EMBRACE who we are by nature,

LEVERAGE what talents and gifts and power we’ve already got,

THEN work on areas that need improvements.⠀

Sadly, most of us only work on the last part of the formula,

and forever focusing on our weakest links and reconfirming our feeling of “I’m never good enough.”⠀

Do you think God/ the Creator will create anything less than perfect?!

You were just brainwashed to believe that you are flawed.

Signs We Are Not Living Our Most Authentic Self:

⇒ We question if we are lovable

⇒ We have an existential crisis, not knowing where we are heading in life

⇒ We crave attention yet struggle to have enough recognition from others

⇒ We feel the pressure to figure things out from our head, trying to have certainty in life

⇒ We don’t know when enough is enough, and how to sustain our energy

⇒ We are afraid to deal with truth, avoiding confrontations and trying to please everyone

⇒ We are trying to prove our worth to demonstrate that we are good enough

⇒ We hold on for longer than we should because we are afraid

⇒ We feel the pressure to hustle hard because we thought we can only be “free” when we get things done


It’s time to heal that part in you, and engage in Reparenting work,

so that you can heal your inner child, raise your self-worth, and

RETURN to that original, authentic version of YOU.⠀

Reparenting Yourself with Human Design

Human Design Is...

A cross-cultural language to understand HOW we can live out the human stories.

Consider it a “user manual” that came with us when we were born that explains exactly what we are supposed to do to fully utilise what we were designed for.

How can we best leverage who we are, what we have, and what are we here to learn and grow without understanding the HOW & WHY we were given a life on this planet in the first place?

Are you that ugly duckling who just happened to be born in the duck nest, without realising your true identity?

You Don't Need To Tell Me You Life History.

All I need is just your birth information. That’s it.

No discussion on your past struggles is needed, unless you want to.

While the traditional self-discovery journey is very valuable and meaningful, it could take YEARS and lots of patience and endurance in order to find clarity.

With Human Design, you can understand the deeper psyche of what makes you YOU in just ONE session, while you can remain conscious to unlock PERSONALISED strategies that can give you the BEST results for your personal growth.

Talking about quick, personalised and results-oriented insights that you can benefit from for LIFE!

Praises From Clients

This Reparenting Work Involves
Understanding the Human Design of You + One of Your Parents.

Human Design Reparenting Reading +
4 Coaching Support Sessions


[Parent + Child Combo Reading]


Part 1 – Decoding:

Understand Why You Are Who You Are Through the Dynamics Between You + Your Parent!

A 1.5-hour long video recording of :

      1. Why Are You Here? Your Life Role & What Drives You (Type)
      2. How You Appear To The World + Your Life Path (Profile)
      3. Your Expression Style & How You See Yourself
      4. Your Self-Sabotaging Patterns
      5. Overview of Your Parent’s Energy Wiring
      6. Potential Conditioning & Conflicts From the Energy Dynamics Between Your Parent & You
      7. How To Reparent Yourself & Reconnect With Your Nature
      8. How You Can Best Make Decisions (Authority)
      9. The Storyline of Your Purpose (Incarnation Cross)
      10. Suggestions and Tips for Your Next Level of Growth


Part 2: De-Conditioning:

  Unlearn What Is Not Right For You, And Return To Your Core Nature!

4 Follow-Up Support Calls To Help You:

      • Recover Your Inner Child, and Bring Peace To Your Upbringing
      • Raise Your Self-Worth & Self-Acceptance
      • Overcome Self Sabotage, and Show Up Fully As You Are
      • Release your childhood baggage & restore your true independence


 It’s Time To Reclaim Who You Originally Are!

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