Personal Power Coaching

Are You Ready To Unmute Your Voice, And Show Up As The Real You Unapologetically?

Yes! I'm Ready!

It's Time For You To Step Into Your Full Power!
I'm Committed To Help You Develop:

A Soul-Aligned Action Plan

We’ll define a big-picture goal map, then trace backwards to develop an actionable target for every 2 weeks, with an accountability system built in place.

Your New Power Transformed From Old Struggles

Like an alchemist, you can turn your biggest life struggles into your biggest power by embracing your truth, and learning the lessons. Deep Work + Mindset Tuning.

Radiating Confidence To Set Your Voice Free

Together we’ll break the chains that have been holding you back, and help you build the confidence muscles in speaking up, so that you can find your authentic voice, and express who you truly are with grace.

The Strength & Resilience To Get Over the Hump

I teach you how to fish. Eventually, I want you to be able to stand on your own feet.  So we’ll predict where you’ll encounter internal and external roadblocks, and map out strategies to either remove them, or simply get around them.


Hi! I’m Ponny.

As a Purpose Coach & Career Strategist, for the past 3 years I have been personally guiding career changers from all over the world, through the powerful journey of self-discovery and career transformation.

I help creative and purpose-driven women change careers with grace, so they can reconnect with their deepest truth, and create massive values to the world while enjoying their work and life holistically.

Activating quick breakthrough is my forte with my unique blend of practical strategies, soul alignment, body-mind integration and personal warmth 🙂

My coaching is not about fixing you or your career, but about remembering that you already know what you want in life, and that you have what it takes to get it. Our journey is just about peeling back all of the layers that are blocking you, and adding fuel to help you achieve your dream faster.

It’s Time To Step Into Your Full Power, Sister!

Personal Power Coaching

US$ 596 or 298 X 2 Monthly Payments / Per Quarter

  • 6 X Bi-Weekly 1:1 Coaching Session

  • Tailored Strategies + Tools Based On Your Specific Needs

  • Implementation-Focused, I’ll Make Sure You Get Done What You Say You Will Do!

  • Consistent, Simple But Impactful Daily Actions

  • Embodying Your New Identity As A Powerful, Courageous Women