Identity Detox Experience – Bonus Tips On Decluttering

Identity Detox Experience

Bonus Tips On Decluttering Your Life!

To sustain the pure authenticity we’ve just re-discovered,
I highly recommend you to continue decluttering:

          • Your Environment – Does your home and office space “spark joy” in you?
          • You Attention – What You Feed Your Brain With?
          • People Around You – Do you at least have a clear boundary between you and those who don’t vibe with you?
          • How you Feel – especially if you are an Empath,  you could unconsciously pick up stress, burdens and emotions from people around you or via news. Are these feelings even yours?

Empaths: Clear Out Energies That Are Not Yours!

If you consider yourself an Empath –
Someone who can easily perceive others’ emotional or mental state, then you’ll love this SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE PRACTICE!

Do this when you are in the shower:

While you are using the water to cleanse your physical body, why not cleanse your energetic body at the same time?

So imagine the shower head as a waterfall, and there is a big, bright sun shining above your head.

As the water touches your skin from head to toe, visualise the golden rays also cleanse all your stress, worries, anxieties, burdens, tightness, stubbornness, old cells, and all things that do not serve your highest good.

Make this your commitment to cleanse your energetic body daily – as you’ll take a shower everyday anyway!

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