Identity Detox Experience – Bonus Tips On Decluttering

Identity Detox Experience

Bonus Tips On Decluttering Your Life

To sustain the pure authenticity we’ve just re-discovered,
I highly recommend you to continue decluttering:

      • Your home space, and office space. Like Marie Kondo says, organise your space so it “sparks joy” in you!
      • Your sources of information i.e. News, Entertainment, Social Media, email subscriptions, gossips
      • People who no longer vibe with you – If decluttering seems impossible, at least set a clear boundary between you and them
      • Your energy – especially if you are an Empath,  you could unconsciously pick up stress, burdens and emotions from people around you. Recognise that those unresolved problems are not yours, and even they are yours, they can wait 🙂

Empaths: Clearing Out Energies That Are Not Yours

A practice I always share with my Empath clients is that when you are taking a shower, while you use the water to cleanse your physical body, why not cleanse your energy at the same time?

So you can imagine the shower head like a waterfall, with a bright sun shining brightly above your head, the water cleanses away all your worries, anxieties, burdens, tensions, old cells, and all things that do not serve your highest good away.  Our energy body also needs daily care, so this exercise is perfect – no extra time required, just an additional imagination with positive intent.

I'm grateful to have you on this journey!
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